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Content Analytics

We let the data speak for itself. Your content is either performing or it isn’t. 

It’s our job to match your content strategy to your commercial goals, so every line has a purpose. We do this by mastering content analytics tracking and feeding real-time metrics into content creation. 

Basically, we don’t write just because we love it. We write because it makes sense for your marketing ROI. Through our dedication to consistently refining our work, we help you achieve your goals.

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What Are Content Analytics? 

Every subheader, paragraph and call to action should nudge your audience toward converting. Content analytics puts hard data in service of your content marketing, revealing how articles, webpages, emails, press releases, white papers and other content should be crafted for maximum engagement. It’s not only about planning for and measuring great performance, but discovering the pitch-perfect amount of content to produce. All of this cycles into reports and strategies for future pieces, refining our words so they land powerfully. 

Your Brafton content marketing strategist will determine the best ways to score content for analysis, such as: 

  • The average time spent on a page.
  • The page’s click-through rate (CTR).
  • The amount of leads or revenue it’s generated in a given period.
  • How well it’s ranking for SEO. 

The more we measure, the better we understand what’s really working. Actionable insight depends on it.

Why Content Analytics Are Critical To Your Marketing Campaigns 

Without in-depth analytics, you’re flying blind, unsure whether you’re hitting an audience’s interests and pain points. Every angle of a content strategy must motivate people to learn more about you, appreciate your business’ benefits and get closer to a sale. Analytics lay the results out starkly. Is a visitor engaging with this? Do they care? Furthermore, how can we increase the likelihood of conversion with fresh messages and designs? 

Performance metrics might differ on each campaign, but the fact remains: Content analysis guides every choice we make together. Whether you’re building the first blocks of content marketing based on competitors and hot topics, or seeking to supercharge SEO and click-through rates, there’s a lot to read between the lines.

Content Analytics 

Asset-level analysis is a big deal. Rather than assessing the larger content strategy every few months and calling it a day, we conduct ongoing, competitive analysis and page-by-page performance audits. So, we’re constantly in tune with what’s paying off for your digital content investment. 

Data backs every decision, ensuring your marketing and sales content is hyper-targeted at personas, commercial intent and search behaviour. This helps us speak your customers’ language — whatever they want to hear.

Web Analytics

We live inside many analytics dashboards, living and breathing performance metrics. Every Brafton writer, strategist, consultant and project manager is trained in Google Analytics. We’re also extremely familiar with insight tools such as Hubspot, SproutSocial, Searchmetrics, Moz, SMErush and MarketMuse.

These content marketing analytics capabilities show our clients what’s driving optimal performance. Machine learning, text analytics and other data crunchers give us more glimpses into the content that’s doing the best in your industry. We’ll improve insight with advanced analytics, which provides precise recommendations for how to reach your target audience and funnel them through the sales cycle more effectively.

Google Partner

We’re an official Google Partner in Google Ads and have earned specialised certifications in search, mobile and shopping advertising. We also dig into rich social media analytics to deliver actionable insight for your content marketing strategy. 

Our content analytics services are flexible; if you have a preferred data dashboard or analytics platform outside of Google, we’ll work with it to hone every side of your marketing campaign.

Business Intelligence is Content Intelligence

It’s true: Top-quality content is now intelligently designed. The creative bar is higher, and search engines are sophisticated enough to actually outsmart the engineers who built them. Without a content analytics strategy, it’s impossible to move the needle in your favour and win new business. 

We integrate your company’s business intelligence with semantic search insights, helping content perform on a smarter basis for success. Additionally, we use benchmark analytics and reporting tools to track anything from bounce rates to unique user sessions, the average session duration, click-through rates, newsletter subscriptions, everything at once or more, depending on your engagement goals. It’s about knowing what to create, measure and expect.

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