White Paper Writer

Brafton content writers are industry-focused experts trained in best practices for researching and writing white papers.

Generate Industry Authority with Expertly Written White Papers

Blending comprehensive analysis with captivating storytelling, your writer will craft a custom white paper using their experience being fully immersed in not just your industry, but your organisation’s messaging.

White papers establish your brand as a thought leader in ways a traditional blog post cannot. They use carefully written content formatted into a polished white paper template to demonstrate subject matter expertise for prospective customers. These deeper-funnel assets are effective for nurturing leads and enabling sales opportunities. 

Are your internal subject matter experts strained for time? Don’t have a standard white paper creation process in place currently? Unsure how to leverage a white paper for maximum results?

Time to partner with an expert white paper writing service like Brafton, a content marketing agency built on writing, designing, publishing and distributing white papers at scale for businesses like yours. Brafton augments your team, managing the end-to-end white paper creation process, from research and interviewing to formatting and promotion. 

White Paper Writing Process

Brafton’s white paper writers are integral throughout all phases of your white paper project, from the earliest brainstorming sessions to the final publication and promotion. Our white paper services comprise detailed steps and action items for all stakeholders on our side and yours, with a dedicated project manager and proprietary project management software ensuring all deadlines and briefs are adhered to.

Explore the process that powers your white paper writing:

Ideating and Outlining

To begin, your content writer will work with you, your strategist and your project manager to nail down your target audience and build a topic around them and the actions you want them to take. By understanding your core readers, we ensure we produce an effective white paper that ultimately resonates.

Before writing begins, your writer will research the intricacies of your industry and your place in it. This may include interviews with subject matter experts on your staff or others who can provide insight regarding news, trends or specific products and services with the objective being quality content that resonates with high-value readers and leads. This initial step informs the subsequent steps of the white paper process.

In-Depth Research

Next comes the white paper researching phase. To write a white paper that delivers real value and insight to prospects, your content writer must thoroughly investigate recommended information sources and established industry authorities. Data collection and analysis is also used to inform writing and add credibility to the final product. Research and analytics demonstrate your brand’s dedication to hard facts that back up assertions. White paper content must reflect an expert understanding of the target audience and provide actionable thought leadership they can’t find elsewhere.

Skilled Copywriting and Editing

Your professional white paper writer will then put his or her content marketing expertise to use, implementing journalistic, business writing, technical writing and creative writing best practices along with proven marketing methodology. You will be able to examine a first draft and provide feedback regarding edits, ideas or suggestions in a file format that works for you (e.g., Microsoft Word or Google Docs). This feedback will be incorporated into the white paper before it is sent to Brafton graphic designers for formatting.

On average, white papers can range from 1,000 to 5,000 words. We’re certainly capable of going much higher if the strategy commands, but to ensure we’re producing quality content from a writing and graphic design perspective, we want readers to fully digest all of the content. We’ve found higher word counts don’t necessarily create greater detail, authority or success. As a best practice, we aim for the sweet spot of 2,000.

White Paper Formatting

White papers typically receive branded formatting, bordering, logo placement and various visual callouts throughout the document. These graphic design choices help readers consume the content while staying engaged from start to finish. Your designer will recommend specific graphical elements and will also include a front cover, table of contents, citation list and call-to-action.

Strategic Promotion

Finally, a Brafton copywriter will write dedicated landing-page copy that is optimised to make your thought-leadership content easier to find on search engines. As part of our writing service, we can also create promotional content such as an executive summary, blog posts, email copy, press releases and social media posts that help get more eyes on your expertly crafted white paper copy.