Business Writing Services

Your target audience expects valuable, relevant business content that speaks to its wants, needs and pain points. Brafton’s business writing services can deliver.

Why Brafton?

Successful content marketing depends on more than search engine optimisation and the implementation of digital best practices. It requires professional writers who fully understand your industry and the intricacies of your prospective customers.

That’s why Brafton’s editorial department cultivates writers specifically focused on business, training them on not only tone and style, but industry trends, marketplace news and proven business marketing techniques.

Modern business writing requires flexibility and a wide range of content marketing expertise. Combining immersion in your industry with cutting-edge content marketing best practices, your Brafton content writer will put their experience and insight to work by producing copy that builds brand awareness, demonstrates authority, establishes thought leadership and achieves commercial objectives.

Client Examples

After 10+ years of being the leading content marketing agency in North America, the UK and Australia, our business writing service has allowed thousands of clients to expand their reach and engage their audiences in meaningful ways.

Professional Business Writers, Specialised in Your Industry

Business writing requires its own specialisation, regardless of your marketplace. Brafton content creators possess the content writing skills to craft engaging copy that resonates with your target audience. They also have extensive editing and proofreading experience to ensure content is polished and concise.

Our professional business writers specialise in numerous industries, including:




Health care.



Marketing & advertising.

Real estate.




And more.

Prospects such as business owners and entrepreneurs seek out expert advice, accurate information and trustworthy opinions. At the same time, your content requires personality to stand out from the crowd and differentiate your business from competitors in the same space.

With Brafton, you’ll work with a dedicated, experienced writer who can strike this balance with ease.

With support from your Content Marketing Strategist (CMS) and Project Manager, your Brafton team will create unique campaigns targeting your audience, demonstrating your value proposition and meeting your established goals—all while spotlighting what separates your business from others in your marketplace.

How We Deliver Top Quality Business Content Every Time

We pride ourselves on more than a decade of consistently delivering top-quality business content. How do we do it?

Market-Specific Knowledge

Because Brafton’s editorial department is composed of professional content writers who specialise in different business sectors, each writer develops deep knowledge regarding specific markets, including expertise in historical performance, current trends, future evolution and common parlance.

By staffing our editorial team in-house rather than relying on freelance writing services whose quality can be unpredictable, we’re well positioned to deliver original, thoughtful content that’s free of plagiarism and inaccuracies.

Detailed Discovery Processes

Brafton trains content writers through educational materials and thorough debriefing sessions guided by experienced editors, strategists and project managers with proven track records in business writing for specific industries.

We get to know your brand, industry and target audiences by reviewing your branded material and conducting our own research at the start of the relationship so we can jump right into creating quality content for your brand.

Collaboration With Your Team

Your Brafton team is also eager to learn from your internal subject-matter experts. Rigorous account kickoff procedures, interviews and other processes, allow content writers to glean the complexities of your particular business and its audience.

The outcome is that every piece of business writing we deliver is on-brand, valuable to your readers and tailored to your business marketing objectives.

Content Marketing Expertise

Brafton content writers are trained in content marketing best practices, and begin every business blog by content mapping, a process that incorporates keyword research, analysis of search engine results pages (SERPs) and inclusion of target audience information.

This process allows your writer to craft high-quality content that resonates with your audience while also ensuring vital SEO factors are accounted for, from alternative text included in blog post images to meta descriptions displayed on SERPs.

Business Articles and Blog Posts

Articles and blog posts are the baseline of your content marketing strategy. Your blog is your brand’s opportunity to share news and updates that matter most to your audience, as well as your point of view, expertise and thought leadership.

Leveraging this channel underscores your entire content marketing strategy because it’s the most likely place new site visitors and potential clients will first encounter your brand’s messaging.

Further, business articles on leading publications and guest posts on authoritative websites expand your company’s reach and promote greater brand awareness and recognition. Our professional business writing service goes beyond the content and encompasses distribution as well. We’ve helped our clients put their byline on the industry publications that their audience is already reading—and we can help you get there, too.

Lead Magnet Assets

Inbound marketing requires attracting new visitors to your site—in other words, a lead magnet. Lead magnet assets encourage visitors to share their contact details in exchange for high-value content like eBooks, white papers, technical documents, explainer videos and spec sheets.

Your business writer, CMS and Project Manager will work with you to determine the most effective lead magnets for your business. This goes well beyond content creation, and involves campaign strategy planning, target audience evaluation and careful data analysis throughout and after the campaign.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we staff professional writers as well as talented graphic designers, videographers, animators, UX design experts and marketing consultants who collaborate to develop valuable, branded lead magnet assets for your company.

Case Studies

Your business does great things. Your customers know that. But do your potential clients?

Case studies are a key component of a well-rounded content marketing strategy. These bottom-of-funnel assets demonstrate the actual value your company delivered to a satisfied customer, giving prospects a look into what the customer experience working with you might entail.

We create case studies through careful collection of facts:

  • The problems your client was facing.
  • The specific solutions you provided.
  • The actual outcome of your products or services.

Reading or hearing a happy customer’s review of your services is one of the most convincing pieces of marketing you can provide. To craft the most impactful case studies possible, we help with everything from interviewing clients to creating the material to building distribution strategies to ensure the right people have access to the case study.

Formatted Presentations and Decks

Slide decks are a staple in business communication. These are essential materials for sales enablement as well as useful for presentations at industry conferences, webinars and educational sessions, pitches for partnerships and requests for proposals.

Working in tandem with our graphic designers, your business writer will create hard-hitting, to-the-point slide decks that can be formatted into PowerPoint presentations, SlideShares, Google Slides and even PDFs for easy sharing.

Press Releases

When your business has an important update, you need to share it with your audience in a timely manner yet professional format. Press releases are a long-established mode of business communication that is always relevant.

Our team can produce a professional press release for your latest business announcement and distribute it through PR Newswire, giving your release the opportunity to appear across thousands of news networks, including Yahoo! News, MSN, AOL and more.

Press release writing is a nuanced type of business writing that requires a to-the-point, journalistic approach. To create an effective press release, we begin by gathering all required information, including:

  • Specifics about the announcement.
  • Names and titles of the leaders to be named in or interviewed for the piece.
  • Statistics, figures or other data to include.
  • Boilerplate text (or we will draft a boilerplate for your company to use in future announcements).
  • Multimedia components to include, such as charts, product photos or videos.

Social Media Content

Your audience is on at least one social media network. And they’re listening to your competition there. If you want to take part in the conversation, too, you’ll need strong social media content that’s designed to engage and excite your audience.

Our social media strategists create social campaigns for businesses across all industries, learning the most effective ways to leverage specific channels for B2B marketing goals. Our social media plans can be tailored to any network, including:

  • LinkedIn.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook.
  • YouTube.
  • Instagram.
  • And more.

A good social strategy elevates your overall content marketing efforts by expanding your reach significantly, sharing and re-sharing your most valuable assets and giving you the opportunity to engage directly with your loyal followers.

Video Scripts

Video marketing can move your strategy forward in big ways, but not any video will do. A strong marketing video often relies on a professionally written script. This sets the tone for the video, ultimately determining how it will be received by your audience.

Our editorial and video departments work closely in collaboration on video projects to ensure each element of the final product is cohesive and in line with your other branded materials. Your business writer will draft the script, ensuring it’s easily read aloud by on-screen or voice-over talent.

Your Project Manager will oversee the entire video creation process, touching base with your team at each stage of the project to ensure we’re on the right track. Finally, with the video in hand, we’ll help promote it accordingly, including publishing it on video hosting sites like your YouTube channel, embedding it into appropriate landing pages and blog articles, and sharing it with your email list and social media networks.

Landing Page Copy

Effective landing page copy is essential both for search engine optimisation and user experience.

On-page content is one of the most important components that search engine crawlers use to understand the relevance and comprehensiveness of your page. Creating a landing page that will perform well in SERPs requires a thorough understanding of the topic at hand, but also the content marketing acumen to appropriately structure the information.

While it’s important to tailor landing page content to search engine bots for SEO purposes, it’s critical to keep in mind the most important viewer: your potential client. Landing page content crafted with only robots in mind will inevitably miss the mark with the human beings you need to reach.

Brafton copywriters have experience establishing the right tone to engage your reader while providing enough detail to be effectively comprehensive and structuring the content in a way that search engines can parse easily.

Advertising Copy

Digital advertising requires clean, engaging ad copy. Your copywriter can draft ad copy for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, including:

  • Google Ads.
  • Social media ads on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.
  • Shopping campaigns on Google and Amazon.
  • And much more.

Working with our team of PPC specialists, your copywriter, CMS and Project Manager can develop an effective digital advertising campaign that drives brand awareness, website traffic and, ultimately, revenue.

Copy Editing Services

Our writers are multi-talented: They’re also adept copy editors. Any assets you choose to produce in-house can be sent our way for proofreading, editing and formatting. From there, we can help ensure your asset looks polished, reads clearly and delivers on its purpose.

Measuring Business Writing Performance

The success of Brafton’s business writing services is determined by the results of your strategy. Your CMS will track relevant analytics data, including website traffic, time on site, bounce rates, conversion rates and more.

With this information, your CMS will be able to see clearly what aspects of your content marketing strategy are working, and which aren’t delivering results. Through monthly reporting sessions, your CMS will show you these metrics, and explain them clearly for your team and the decision-makers on your end. Finally, this data aids in making strategic adjustments to your strategy for long-term successes.

ROI should always take centre stage. Regardless of your overall content marketing goals, your Brafton team will ensure each piece of business writing helps you drive revenue by tying specific metrics to monetary value.