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Search engine optimisation is essential for any company with a website. But effective SEO isn’t a one-time effort. It’s a process that takes time, strategy and expertise.

Brafton is a Sydney SEO agency backed by an in-house staff that produces quality content, improves websites, energises social media and more — all in the name of SEO.

Our technical SEO consulting team will build a rock-solid foundation for your business website by evaluating technical issues, performing user-experience audits and conducting keyword research to improve user engagement. Our expertise will ensure that your content enjoys improved SEO ranking performance and increased visibility for your target audience. 

Trust Brafton to deliver the best SEO solutions for your business.

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Search Performance Briefs

SEO only works if it is supported with an advanced keyword research technique that properly identifies relevant keywords with appropriate search volume and keyword difficulty scores. 

A Search Performance Brief (SPB) is our proprietary approach to coupling keyword research with strategic content creation.

SPBs include details of the target keyword, in addition to naming specific secondary and semantically related keywords, keyword phrases and topics to include in the content. It also outlines the questions the writer must answer to create the most comprehensive piece of content on that topic. Finally, the SPB maps out strategic internal linking opportunities to help readers find additional, relevant information elsewhere on your site.

The final product is an exceptional piece of content that thoroughly covers the topic at hand, giving your site another opportunity to rank well in the target SERP. Brafton SEO specialists utilise SPBs for every element of our content creation process. This is our way to ensure that your content garners the highest search engine ranking possible — which translates to more eyes on your products or services.

UX, Website and SEO Audits

Your website is the home base of your digital marketing strategy, which means keeping it healthy and optimised is essential to the success of virtually every other marketing tactic you use.

Our in-house teams of designers and developers understand the latest website design best practices, and how they contribute to the performance of your overall digital marketing strategy. An SEO audit will show you the errors currently impacting your site, and recommend remedies. Our technical team can also assist in resolving the errors that may be holding your site back in search engine results.

We can assess your site’s UX using heat mapping and other forms of analysis to ensure that it’s optimised to drive conversions. We can also build out custom calls-to-action and help you optimise forms.

SEO Content Creation

SEO content is any type of asset you create for your site that’s designed to rank well in search. This includes blog articles, landing pages, white papers, eBooks, videos and more. But creating SEO content isn’t just about performing well in search results; it’s ultimately about driving the right traffic to your site that will support your bottom line.

SEO is at the heart of every piece of collateral we make because we appreciate the importance of definitive digital marketing ROI. By investing in SEO content, you’re investing in sustained performance on the most important platform to your digital marketing strategy: organic search.

Meta Description Analysis and Updates

Meta descriptions can have a significant impact on CTR. Our consultants can craft keyword-optimised meta descriptions for each of your pages that encourage prospects to act, and conduct A/B testing to make data-driven decisions about what descriptions perform the best.

SEM With Purpose: PPC & SEO in One Package

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising puts your landing pages at the very top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Incorporating a PPC campaign into your overall digital marketing strategy can give you quick wins upon which to build your search success.

Maximising the value of paid search requires a clear end goal. Brafton can help you assess that end goal, and identify the opportunities to use organic search to achieve them.

Supplement Your SEO Efforts

Organically improving online presence is a long game. It takes time and effort to rank for keywords, build up your backlink profile and optimise your site for maximum search visibility. While our SEO consultants build your long-term strategy that generates consistent results, paid search can help generate website traffic and potential customers in the interim.

Build Brand Awareness

Strategically targeting certain keywords can help get your listing in front of your target audience. Because PPC pricing is based on CTR, your presence on SERPs can improve brand recognition for a low cost. Case in point: Paid search can build brand awareness by 80%.

Create Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Google Ads and other platforms make it easy to target users who have already visited your site. This is one of the most powerful features of paid search, and one of the most effective ways to supplement your SEO strategy by retargeting deeper-funnel leads.

Search engine marketing is only valuable when it’s integrated into a larger marketing campaign.

Brafton’s SEM consultants will take the time to understand your business objectives and marketing goals, and help you develop paid search strategies and other marketing services that will actually move the needle.

SEO Solutions for Every Digital Marketing Goal

Organic search engine optimisation (SEO) encompasses all the unpaid efforts you make to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), including but not limited to:

  • Creating SEO content.
  • Link building.
  • Driving traffic through social media.
  • Making website improvements.

A typical organic search result has a significantly higher click-through rate than a paid result:

  • 28.5% – average CTR of the top organic result in search.
  • 3% – average CTR of a paid search ad.
  • 0.46% – average CTR of a Google Display Network ad.

If you want to drive traffic to your website, you need to be in that top spot. As an SEO company with more than a decade of experience, our consultants can get you there.

When you work with Brafton, our Sydney SEO team will use the latest search engine algorithm trends and advanced keyword research techniques to produce highly tailored, prescriptive organic marketing strategies for your organisation. These strategies will improve your ranking with search engines, and enable your target audience to connect with your content.

If you’re looking to improve visibility for your brand on Google, look no further than Brafton’s SEO solutions.

The outcome: SEO results that drive commercial wins.

An SEO Solution for Every Digital Marketing Goal

SEO is a broad category of practices and techniques that include:

On-page SEO.

Off-page SEO.

Technical SEO.

Local SEO.

National SEO.

International SEO.

E-commerce SEO.

Video SEO.

Voice SEO.

You may not need to employ every single type of SEO for your website. But, chances are, you’ll need several SEO techniques to improve your search performance and drive quality organic traffic to your site. When you work with Brafton, a dedicated SEO specialist will get to know your brand, website, marketing goals and more to tailor an SEO solution specifically for your needs. Here’s how our SEO services can help your business succeed:

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is arguably the most important category of SEO. It refers to the many site-related ranking factors that are within your control, such as:

  • Site content.
  • Website design.
  • Keyword usage.
  • Site structure.
  • Images, videos and other media.
  • Meta descriptions and title tags.
  • Internal linking structures.
  • And more.

By making adjustments to your website content, appearance and organisation, you can greatly improve your chances of ranking highly in search.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the counterpart to on-page SEO. It involves everything that impacts search ranking that can’t be found on your website, and are much more difficult to control. You can improve your site’s ability to rank for relevant keywords through off-page optimisation strategies like:

  • Link building.
  • Influencer outreach.
  • Guest posting.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Brand monitoring.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the back-end improvements you can make to your website. The typical website visitor may not see these elements, but search engine crawlers – those bots that analyse whether your page is relevant enough to display in SERPs – can read every character.

Your SEO consultant can help you through technical optimisation with tactics like:

  • Making strategic adjustments to your website structure.
  • Ensuring your pages load as quickly as possible.
  • Reviewing and updating metadata.
  • Using the correct Schema markup.
  • Employing accessibility standards on all pages (such as optimal colour contrast, using alt text, creating Aria labels for screen readers and more).

Local SEO

Along with normal organic rankings, Google offers the ability to rank for local searches in Map Packs. Brafton can help consult on creating Google My Business pages and auditing and cleaning up your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) citations, which play a significant role in rankings.

Our Sydney SEO consultants will work with you to determine the best localised keywords to target on your site, create content tailored to Sydneysiders and other Aussies, engage in Google Maps optimisation, establish a system to solicit and respond to customer reviews and more.

National SEO

Like local SEO, but on a larger scale. If your business spans the nation, you need an SEO strategy that likewise looks beyond Sydney alone. National SEO includes techniques like:

  • Broad, locale-agnostic keyword research.
  • Enterprise-level link building.
  • Advanced audience segmentation.
  • Featured snippet optimisation.

International SEO

Does your company span into other regions outside of Australia? You need to make your voice heard in those other regions of the world. After all, today’s audience is a global one, and a technologically optimised website can expand the reach of your business. A well-rounded international SEO company provides services that incorporate:

  • Global keyword research and targeting.
  • Language localisation.
  • Multi-national content creation.
  • Multi-domain or multi-site management.

E-commerce SEO

If you sell products online, you need e-commerce SEO. This draws attention to your offerings, product listings and landing pages. A sound e-commerce SEO strategy includes:

  • Product description optimisation.
  • Schema markup.
  • Web demo or product video creation.
  • Product image optimisation.
  • Page speed and mobile optimisation.
  • Website design and development.

Video SEO

If you use videos in your marketing strategy, video SEO will increase viewership and assist in distributing these assets across the web. Our video team works to create engaging video content for your brand that also adheres to the most recent best practices in SEO for video. This includes:

  • Including keywords in titles, closed captions, tags, descriptions and more.
  • Strategically choosing a video length to promote engagement.
  • Promoting the video through various channels like social media, email and more.

Voice SEO

57% of Australians use voice search. If you’re not tailoring your content for voice search results, you could be missing out on important opportunities to make a good impression with your target audience. Voice SEO relies on techniques like:

  • Mobile optimisation.
  • Featured snippet optimisation.
  • Page speed optimisation.

An Agile SEM Agency

Running a high-impact Google ad series. Augmenting all of your digital marketing and content marketing needs. Deploying a fully managed SEM campaign. 

Brafton does it all.

For an expert search engine marketing consultant dedicated to growing your brand visibility and converting valuable leads, you’ve come to the right place.