B2B Content Marketing Agency

With Brafton’s expert digital marketing services, your B2B company can drive thought leadership, brand awareness and sales-ready leads beginning day one.

That’s why B2B content marketing is so important. As a B2B company that caters to other businesses, you need to market yourself as trustworthy and valuable. That means quality content and a forward-thinking strategy.

We will get you there.

B2B content marketing is the creation, promotion and distribution of marketing materials for a B2B audience, typically aimed at decision-makers on the platforms they frequent, like LinkedIn. Because sales cycles are longer and account sizes are larger, B2B content is designed to nurture prospects at their own pace, building trust and credibility over time with the ultimate outcome being a final sale.

Our foundation is built on B2B marketing.

We don’t copy-paste strategies from B2C companies or even relevant organisations in the B2B space. We treat every client uniquely in their goals. “Results” have a different definition for each business, so we create a custom B2B strategy that impacts what matters most to your brand.

As B2B buyers crave thoughtful, expert-driven content, it takes quality, scale and authenticity to cut through the noise. That’s why B2B companies from around the world invest in Brafton — it’s an investment that makes a difference in your vertical.

Partnering With a B2B Content Marketing Agency Like No Other

As B2B marketers with more than a decade of international experience, we bring inbound marketing, marketing automation and data-driven campaigns to your organisation.

Using leading analytics tools to guide your strategy, we map every blog post to a specific buyer persona, every social promotion to a targeted audience and every email to a segmented list. Your dedicated strategist collaborates with you to execute your next marketing campaign, uncover new audience insights and deliver warm leads to your sales team.

It’s our responsibility to lead from the front across all marketing channels and initiatives. While some agencies just take orders or leave you to execute ideas, Brafton’s end-to-end service includes a level of touch and dedication that’s unmatched in B2B content marketing.

It’s ROI or nothing.

Who We Are

As a content marketing agency, Brafton helps businesses through every stage of the sales process, from customer attraction to retention.

That means our content creation services are wide-ranging. We write informative blogs and thorough white papers. We design custom graphics and shoot high-quality videos. We conduct SEO research to help your content rank highly. We share our expertise with you so you can improve your own marketing strategy.

Built on our portfolio of B2B clients like yours, we know what it takes to succeed as a B2B company.

Success Stories

Your Goals, Our Strategy

When you partner with Brafton, we don’t just want to see your sales improve. We want to see you rise to the top of your industry and leap to the forefront of your audience’s mind. Our content will help you with:

Brand awareness.

Lead generation.

Sales enablement.

Customer retention.

We know B2B marketing poses unique challenges. That’s why we take the time to get to know your business and your industry, identify your target audience, conduct SEO research and more. 

After proper due diligence and preparation, we implement your custom content strategy into your larger marketing efforts, ensuring all investments work in cohesion.

Your content strategy informs all the decisions we make in relation to the creation and distribution of content. It can also be refined over time as your business needs evolve and the market shifts. Succeeding in B2B marketing requires this level of content agility, and we ensure your strategy is always optimised for performance.

What to Look for in a B2B Content Marketing Agency

There are a lot of options out there. Ask yourself these questions when you come across a B2B content marketing agency.

What Do They Offer?

With so many types of content out there, content marketing agencies vary in what they offer. Some may only offer writing services, while others solely offer videos and graphic design. As your business grows, you’ll want to publish many different types of content, so you’ll want a B2B marketing agency that can do it all.

Are Their Prices Competitive?

It’s a basic rule: Check the price tag before you buy. A content marketing agency can be everything you’re looking for and more, but if their rates are too high, it’s not the right relationship.

The whole point of hiring a content marketer is to make more money. If they charge you more than they help you generate, their services aren’t worth it.

Do They Succeed?

Price isn’t everything, though. It’s bang for your buck that matters. You want to find a content marketing agency that will not only give you the best price, but the best results.

Look for customer reviews and case studies on the agency’s website. Read testimonials from businesses that have worked with the agency before. Research the agency’s clients to see how successful they have become since the partnership began.

– Tori Hvizdak, Marketing Manager at Allitix


At Brafton, B2B content creation is our bread and butter. Content ranges from written assets—like blog posts, email marketing, white papers and eBooks—to videos, illustrations, infographics, animations and web design. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

To ensure your business is going to get the best collateral possible, it’s important that the marketing agency has teams designated to the different types of content. You don’t want videographers tackling your written content or writers handling your graphic design. Quality content requires marketers that are experts in their fields.

That’s why at Brafton, we have distinguished departments for each type of content, and we only hire the best of the best.


Our B2B marketing strategy experts aren’t just pros at creating content that fuels your inbound marketing efforts – they also come up with strategies for what kinds of content your brand needs, and they determine which channels are best for showcasing it. We base our content strategy off of your specific goals, and we monitor the plan’s success by analysing your website performance.

Whether your goal is to gain more social media followers, engage leads from untouched channels, increase your sales numbers or turn returning customers into brand evangelicals, we’ll come up with the content strategy tailored to your unique needs.

How to Measure B2B Content Marketing ROI

A B2B content marketing agency shouldn’t just deliver your custom-made content and then send you on your merry way. They should also help you analyse if it’s truly working, or if adjustments need to be made.

That’s why at Brafton, our relationship doesn’t end after we deliver your content. We stick with you to make sure it’s doing exactly what it was designed to do, and we’ll help you determine the success of your strategies.

Determining the ROI of your B2B content marketing can be difficult, because the metrics for this analysis depend on the content’s place in the marketing funnel.

Top of funnel content: Awareness.

This includes your blog posts, eBooks, newsletters and the like. These might not directly drive sales, but they get your name out there. To measure the success of these types of content, look at clicks, follows on social media, impressions and other metrics like these.

Middle of funnel content: Interest.

This includes your downloadable assets—the pieces of content an audience member saves for later, rather than just looking at once. Like top of funnel content, these assets might not generate sales immediately. But, if successful, they’ll receive more than just clicks and impressions. The success of these assets can be measured by downloads.

Middle of funnel: Consideration.

Slightly further down the sales funnel is where your customer is interested, but they need a little more of a push to be convinced that your brand is better than their other options. What’s essential in this stage is social proof that your business is quality and trustworthy. This can be in the form of customer success stories, testimonials and positive reviews.

Bottom of funnel content: Decision.

This includes the pieces of content that lead your potential customers to the sale, like online forms and CTAs. Your sales numbers will be an indication of the success of these pieces, but not entirely. Emails or inquiries through your contact page as well as submitted forms are also good indicators.

Look for a B2B content marketing agency that not only delivers top-notch content, but also helps you analyse if it’s working for you.

Brafton can be that partner.