Infographic Design Services

Great design is how your brand stays front and centre in your target audience’s mind. Custom infographic design from our expert graphic designers will engage your audience, promote brand awareness and drive tangible business outcomes.

The Visual Communication Your Audience Needs

Our infographic designers, illustrators and industry analysts give your brand a visual lift by synthesising often-complex data into digestible and shareable graphics that drive value. Brafton’s creative team helps you convert new customers and establish industry expertise through designing infographics and other graphical assets.

Tell us what information you want visually demonstrated, and we’ll deliver a stunning infographic that drives engagement.

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Our Approach to Design

Brafton’s infographic design service is a group effort, calling in specialists from various in-house teams to deliver a high-performing marketing asset. Here’s a look at the typical infographic design process at Brafton:

Step 1: Ideate

We combine the power of our Design, Editorial and Strategy departments to create infographics that will resonate with your audience, convey your brand messaging and propel your ongoing marketing campaigns. Our graphic design ideas focus on industry data, top trends, future predictions, practical solutions and brand identifiers to produce a high-quality infographic that converts.

These assets are ideal for visual learners and can range from simple infographics for social media to complex interactive infographics on landing pages, and more.

Step 2: Outline

After scoping out the size of the infographic and forming a written outline of the key points to be illustrated, your Brafton graphic designer and other relevant stakeholders produce a wireframe to give you a strong idea of how we’re bringing your vision to the market.

Step 3: Design

Post-mockup approval, our design team uses your brand guidelines as a jumping-off point and researches competitors and industry leaders to define what will differentiate your infographic from the rest. 

You can expect to see a layout of custom:

  • Instructional Diagrams;
  • Flowcharts;
  • Character Images;
  • Hand-drawn Illustrations;
  • Lists, Charts, Graphs, Maps;
  • Timelines;
  • Quotations;
  • Statistical Insights;
  • Brand Formatting.

Step 4: Launch

From there, your graphic designer will break out the industry-best infographic tools and within a week’s time, your high-quality infographic is finalised and ready to launch. It’s never been easier to include visual content in your marketing campaigns than with Brafton.

Infographics of Every Size

The goal of your infographic and the content it covers will largely determine the graphic size you’ll need, and by extension, the pricing of the asset. We use stylised icons, supplemental copy and brand-specific language, colours and typography to visually communicate ideas.

Infographics weave together a constellation of visuals, 2-D characters, on-brand storytelling and hard data to be distributed and repurposed for long-term use across any marketing channel.

We can customise any graphic to spec but our most common offerings are:

Silver Infographics

Includes 3-5 data points and stylised icons. Great for explaining basic concepts or simple workflows.

Gold Infographics

Includes 6-8 data points, 2D character illustration and imagery. Great for showing product highlights or industry trends.

Platinum Infographics

Includes 9-12 data points, rich 2D illustration, character representations and on-brand styling elements. Great for storytelling through data.

Platinum Plus Infographics

Includes 13-15 data points, eye-catching imagery, character illustrations and branded, stylised icons. Great for conveying highly complex topics or repurposing long-form content.

Additional sizing options are available as recommended by our Design Director. For information on our Interactive Infographic services, click here.