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Pinterest Management

Pinterest marketing is your brand’s way of making itself more attractive to your audience.

Think of the visual social media channel as a custom-curated gallery dedicated to your audience’s interests, and Brafton as virtuoso painters. As your Pinterest managers, we’ll help curate a Pinterest strategy that creates data-driven posts for your Pinterest account. We’ll make sure pinners keep coming back for more.

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A Visual Discovery Engine

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site that allows users to save and share images. It’s an online platform for people who are interested in creativity, fashion, design and other subjects. Pinterest boasts more than 433 million active users who have collectively created over 240 billion Pins. Unlike other social media networks, Pinterest is a visual search engine. The pinning process, as part of Pinterest management from Brafton, works like this:

1. Pinterest users, or “pinners,” create boards around specific themes or products.

2. They then Pin graphics and other visual content to those boards.

3. Each Pin is accompanied by a keyword-optimised description.

4. Pinterest users search the database of Pins using certain key phrases.

5. Pinners can Pin that content to their own board or to someone else’s.

6. They can also follow other pinners whose content they find interesting.

Rich Pins Versus Regular Pins

Our content marketing experts work with our clients to create the best pins to attract engagement. Pinterest offers the option to post Rich Pins to your Pinterest account that provide additional context, including:

  • A bold title that displays with the image in the feed.
  • Additional descriptions for the Pin that enable greater keyword inclusion.
  • Your Pinterest profile and photo.
  • A “follow” button to encourage greater engagement.
  • Updates to reflect any changes to the linked page.

There Are Four Main Types of Rich Pins:

  • Product Rich Pins: They include real-time pricing, availability and other product details.
  • Recipe Rich Pins: Include ingredients, cooking time, serving size and recipe rating.
  • Article Rich Pins: Display a headline, author and meta description.
  • App Rich Pins (iOS only): Display buttons that let users download an app without leaving Pinterest.

Your Brafton Pinterest manager will always favour Rich Pins over regular Pins to help improve your content’s discoverability on the social media platform, boost engagement, build brand awareness and drive Pinterest traffic to your site.

Why Pinterest?

The purpose of pinning content to a Pinterest board is to remember it. This makes the content far less ephemeral than feed-based social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. In fact, the lifespan of the average Pin is a few thousand times greater than that of a Facebook post.

Pinterest is also more e-commerce friendly than other social networks. More than 90% of pinners have used the channel to plan, research or make purchases.

For B2C companies that sell physical products, Pinterest is basically a second online store, making a strong Pinterest marketing strategy essential. For B2B marketers, Pinterest has value as a way to visually promote content and gain brand recognition.

Pinterest is also unique in that it is as much a search engine network as it is a social media platform. Much like a Google image search, the content is all visual, while keywords used in the title and description of boards, Pins and images help influence which content will populate the search results.

In addition to keyword relevance, some of the factors that influence Pinterest search rankings include:

The number of clicks, saves, comments and embeds your Pins receive.

The number of Pinterest followers your account has.

How many Pins your brand engages with.

Website Pin origination (Pinterest favours pins that originate from commonly pinned domains).

Rich Pins vs Regular Pins.

Should businesses have a Pinterest account? Every Pin is a link back to your website that potentially increases traffic to your domain, which sends positive signals to search engines. These types of signals are a core aspect of a strong off-page SEO strategy. The right content creators can truly provide you with enough leverage to stand out from the competition.

Our Pinterest Management Services

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with a Pinterest management service, at Brafton, we can tackle every facet of Pinterest from Pin design to elaborate paid Pinterest strategies. With our team, you’ll work with a dedicated Pinterest manager who is adept at building out strategies using Pinterest analytics for this platform as well as other social media marketing channels. By partnering with expert social media marketers, your strategy can go well beyond what a typical Pinterest virtual assistant can offer you, including but not limited to:

Persona Development

You need to refine your target audience before you can start marketing across digital channels.

Our persona development services help you understand which of your prospects have the greatest commercial value, who is a buyer and who is an influencer, what campaigns and strategy works best for these target audiences, what tactics convert which visitors into buyers and more.

A custom persona is more than a snapshot of your ideal client, but a full picture of how to draw people or companies through your sales cycle. Our goal is to get as detailed a picture of your target personas as possible, so that we can help you decide if Pinterest marketing is right for you, and what tactics will be most effective on the channel.

Content Creation

Like any other social media channel, you need original content that’s worth pinning to your boards. Our content creators, including writers, designers and videographers, can create any type of digital content you need for your Pinterest campaigns, including but not limited to:

  • Blog posts.
  • Infographics.
  • Custom illustrations.
  • Video content.
  • 3D animations.
  • Product photos.
  • Quotes over artwork.
  • GIFs.

Our expansive team of in-house writers, graphic designers, animators and more are dedicated to getting your brand voice just right. Each blog post, infographic, explainer video or other piece of content is set up to perform well on Pinterest and other marketing channels.

Social Media Management

We offer several social media management packages on a monthly and rolling basis. Either way, we can help you with every element of Pinterest management:

  • Building your Pinterest profile.
  • Creating a keyword-rich username and description.
  • Creating boards and writing their descriptions.
  • Keyword optimising your board titles and descriptions.
  • Optimising Rich Pins.
  • Posting new Pins.
  • Creating Pinterest ads.
  • Earning more followers.
  • Curating content (re-pinning).
  • Engaging with other pinners.

The Pinterest expert working with your brand will carefully create boards and Pins that matter to your brand and followers and align with your marketing strategy. Beyond Pinterest, your social media manager will utilise the other social media platforms of your choice to further bolster your brand presence on Pinterest and the internet at large.

Pinterest Ads

Our social media consultants can spearhead your paid Pinterest marketing campaigns at every stage:

  • Strategically selecting which Pins to promote for your Pinterest ad.
  • Setting up ad groups (target audiences) based on keywords, interests, demographics and other factors.
  • Scheduling campaigns, allocating budgets and planning out timeframes.
  • Choosing what types of actions to bid on.
  • Performing any troubleshooting along the way.
  • Measuring the performance of the campaign.
  • Pivoting the strategy and approach as needed.

Your promoted Pins must make an impact; get the most from your social media investment by working with a Pinterest manager who has experience generating ROI from paid social strategies.


All of our social media packages offer monthly reporting along with a 30-minute review call to walk through key metrics, what they mean and how they should guide future Pinterest marketing efforts. We can also deliver custom reports that provide deeper or more specific insights into your Pinterest marketing efforts using Pinterest analytics. From a complete Pinterest audit to reports on the metrics that truly matter to your brand, we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to strategically leverage this lucrative platform.

They Come. They Pin. They Convert.

Pinterest can be a powerful platform for B2B and B2C businesses alike, presuming you know how to strategically maximise its value to your marketing campaigns.

Our social media strategists work as a direct extension of your marketing team to help you optimise your presence on Pinterest. They can also collaborate with creatives to develop content campaigns that are highly shareable on the visual social media network.

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More simply, we put the interest in your Pinterest.