Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation empowers your video marketing strategy.

Explain ideas, tell stories and repurpose content in a creative, visual format with Brafton’s expert whiteboard animation service.

Why Whiteboard Animations?

A whiteboard animation is a video featuring a drawing hand sketching helpful images and phrases on a whiteboard or similar background. The minimalist presentation of these videos are excellent for simplifying complicated concepts and maintaining the viewer’s attention.

Here are just a few benefits of using whiteboard animation videos:

  • Engagement: While simple, the whiteboard animation style is highly engaging, allowing your target audience to watch the action come to life in front of them.
  • Simplicity: Need to create an explainer video with clear instructions and helpful visuals? A whiteboard animation video gives you the opportunity to simplify complex concepts by literally “drawing out” your points, guiding viewers through your ideas.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Although a lot of work goes into creating a high-quality video animation, you won’t need to worry about camera equipment, location shoots, entire casts of actors or other potentially expensive elements of traditional video creation.
  • Consistency: With help from professional whiteboard animation services, it’s easy to provide consistently valuable content to your audience. This improves credibility, boosts brand recognition and helps determine a recognisable style for your company’s content. Whiteboard video animation is a go-to solution for cost-conscious organisations seeking to leverage video content across multiple channels, like social media, YouTube, internal training platforms and more.
  • Versatility: Synthesise complex product specs, offer step-by-step explanations or illustrate how-to guides to bring your customers and prospects up to speed on your business capabilities and product offerings. As your portfolio of marketing videos consistently messages the same brand image and visuals, viewers can intuitively understand your company and its offerings more quickly.
Brafton Whiteboard Sizzle Reel

A Short History of Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animation is a video style that’s meant to explain complex ideas in an easy-to-follow manner.

Sometimes called video scribing, the concept of whiteboard animated video creation began with filming the hand-drawing explanations of a subject on a whiteboard. The video was then sped up, with a voiceover added to explain each detail.

Today, whiteboard animation software and video production apps allow anyone, no matter how artistically inclined, to create whiteboard videos anytime they please. However, free software – like a whiteboard animation app – tends to be limited, forcing you to choose between premade characters and actions, while paid software provides more flexibility and customisation but still lacks the quality you need in a video marketing strategy.

Take, for example, branded elements. When creating any content for your organisation, branded elements are essential for promoting brand recall – which means you must be able to create and integrate these elements into digital assets. This can be difficult with do-it-yourself whiteboard animation software. However, when working with professional animators, you’ll have control over how your brand is presented throughout the video. You’ll also be able to customise all the visual elements to fully tell your story, including character styles, music selection, typography, colours and more.

Driving Your Marketing Strategy Through Video

Free whiteboard animation software allows people to quickly throw together a video they can use right away. However, video marketing is more than simply creating videos and sharing them.

At Brafton, we know video content and marketing strategy must be created in tandem. When you work with our team of marketers, videographers, animators, graphic designers and writers, your organisation benefits from a collaboration of creative minds all working to turn your brand and industry expertise into valuable content. More importantly, we know how to structure this creativity in ways that drive results, further your marketing strategy and deliver real value to current and potential customers alike.

Our motion graphics team utilises leading industry software, including Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Audition, making your completed video a high-quality asset you’ll feel proud to share with your audience.

To tell your story in a way that moves leads down the funnel and influences buying decisions, Brafton produces, publishes and promotes whiteboard videos for maximum effect on your target audience.

How Whiteboard Videos Are Made

Working with the animation team at Brafton means you’ll receive a professional, high-quality video created with both creativity and return on investment (ROI) in mind. The result is an asset you can use in all your digital marketing channels – all without you or your teams breaking a sweat.

Here’s how we can turn your ideas into a stunning whiteboard animation video:

Step 1: Plan

The key to an awesome whiteboard animation production is to start with a detailed plan. If you already know what you want your next video to focus on, that’s great! We’re happy to work with you to bring your ideas to life, honing in on the details that make you, your brand and your offering stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have a clear direction just yet, don’t worry – we’ll gather the greatest minds on our creative teams to help brainstorm topics and approaches that align with your overall vision.

Together with your Brafton team – consisting of a content marketing strategist, project manager, animator, videographer, graphic designer and/or writer – we can help determine the best way to utilise video in your marketing strategy.

Once we know what your whiteboard video should focus on, we can dive into the finer details, including character animations and branded elements.

Step 2: script

Next, we need a script for your animation. Excellent storytelling is an essential part of every successful explainer video or other whiteboard animation.

Our editorial team can write a flawless script from scratch to accompany your whiteboard video. We’ll share it with you to make sure we have everything right before we move on to the next step.

Step 3: Storyboard

After the script is finalised, it’s time to sketch out how the animation will flow and what the key visuals will look like. This process is called storyboarding.

We’ll create the storyboard for you, showing exactly how the script will line up with the drawings and the transitions throughout the video. It’s here that you’ll see how your animated characters, design details, logo, subtitles and other on-screen elements will look in the animation.

Tell us what you think – at this stage, we’ll make any edits you need to ensure your whiteboard video is perfect.

Step 4: Animate

Once you’ve approved the storyboard, our animators are ready to tie it all together. We use animation software to ensure the final product looks clean, professional and ready to share on your website, YouTube, social media and other marketing channels.

Your animator will incorporate voiceover talent, background music, sound effects, cut transitions and other details to bring together a clean, easy-to-follow and fun-to-watch animation.

Step 5: Review

Every animation we create is sent to the client for review before we consider it finalised. You’ll have time to go over the whiteboard video frame-by-frame, double-checking that every detail is up to your standards. If anything is amiss, let us know and we’ll resolve it for you.

Step 6: Promote

Video marketing doesn’t end with a completed video. Actually, it never ends; it’s a continuous process that involves publishing content, promoting it, reviewing its success and refining the strategy. Your content marketing strategist will help you understand how well your video is performing and make suggestions about how to promote and share it, and what to do with your next video project.

Whiteboard Videos In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Whiteboard animations are multifunctional corporate video assets that marketers in all industries can benefit from. This creative marketing tool can:

  • Engage your audience.
  • Break down complex concepts for the average viewer.
  • Boost your digital content campaign.
  • Tell your product or service story in an engaging, animated fashion.
  • Increase sales and business results.

Have existing marketing collateral that’s dormant on your site? Repurpose it into a short 90-second whiteboard animation embedded on a landing page.

Need to engage followers on social media? Quick-hitting, informative 30- to 60-second videos generate more likes, comments and shares.

Sales process slowing down after the first few touchpoints? Create whiteboard videos that prospective clients can share with internal stakeholders and advocate on your behalf.

Whiteboard videos help populate resource centres with dynamic media, quickly answer site visitors’ questions and exhibit the more innovative and creative side of your brand. They also keep your target audience engaged with an animation style that is both informative and fun to watch, contributing to a user’s overall experience with your brand (and their likelihood to return to you for future products and services). As a leading whiteboard video production company in Sydney, Brafton has the talent, expertise, software and strategy to guide your video marketing efforts start to finish.

Put a fresh spin on your corporate videos with the high-value animation production that can drive your content marketing strategy. All it takes is a good idea, a spark of creativity and a little help from your whiteboard animation services partner.