Newsletter Management

Brafton’s newsletter management service features everything from email marketing software, mailing list imports, custom email template creation and ongoing analytics tracking. And that’s just the beginning.

Why Newsletters, Why Now?

Marketing newsletters powered by email marketing automation features can accelerate and elevate your brand awareness, content engagement and email conversions. Because email marketing gives your brand a direct line of communication with your coveted target audience, it’s an efficient, cost-effective channel to distribute thoughtful content and key messaging about your services.

A dedicated email newsletter is often a curation of existing marketing communications – just re-packaged and re-delivered to your email subscribers in a scannable, visual and branded compilation. Newsletters are must-haves in modern marketing.

Types of Newsletters That Drive Engagement

Email newsletters come in many forms, many of which may apply to your brand. Consider some of the common newsletter formats:




Curated Roundups.


Your Brafton account manager and email marketing specialist can strategise on which format is most relevant to your brand’s goals. It’s also possible to have several types of email newsletters at once for different purposes, features and audiences.

Newsletters Drive Tangible Business Outcomes: Case Studies

Newsletter List Development

Compiling a subscribers list and other targeted email recipients for your marketing automation platform or newsletter tool is the first course of action. Through the implementation of customised website pop-ups, eye-catching calls to action and newsletter subscriptions signup forms fill strategically — in turn, you can quickly develop a registry of interested, qualified leads who wish to learn more about your products and services. You can encourage higher numbers of newsletter sign-ups by providing website visitors with valuable, relevant content – such as an eBook or white paper – in return for their subscription.

Brafton can cover every aspect of this, from penning the content on your conversion landing page and setting up the means of automation to building the perfect signup form that entices people to submit their email addresses to ensuring your email list is ready for use. 

Once you have a list of recipients, it’s essential to segment it to ensure your content is crafted to maximise desired outcomes. Your Brafton email marketing team helps you optimise your newsletter apps and parse through subscribers based on criteria including age, gender, job title and more. Newsletters can then be tailored to each specific segment, ensuring your content marketing is pertinent and valuable for recipients, supporting continued interest and trust in your brand.

Newsletter Content Best Practices

Brafton’s industry-focused writers will incorporate email content marketing best practices into the creation of original newsletters geared toward your target audience. Content is based on specific subscriber personas to leverage the benefits of personalisation and drive higher open and click-through rates. Everything from tone and style to structure can be tailored based on your unique requirements, and your newsletter editor and project manager will review all copy to ensure it aligns with your branding and goals.

Subject Lines That Cultivate Engagement

Starting with subject lines that utilise language proven to evoke interest and urgency among recipients, along with personalised details, such as names and job titles, your content writer will ensure your email newsletters are laser-focused on generating interest and engagement. Your email list will provide the customer base to which your targeted, high-quality email campaign content can be delivered.

Custom-Curated Newsletter Content

Most of the content that your email newsletter features can be created from scratch or curated based on your existing blog posts and other assets from your content marketing campaigns.

Your content marketing strategist and project manager can measure the performance of existing collateral to determine which pieces of content perform the best with your audience based on website traffic, time on site, bounce rates and other metrics. Using this information, email newsletters can be created using repurposed content, both expanding the value of your current assets to subscribers and spreading awareness to new audiences.

Your content writer will craft headlines and short blurbs to provide email recipients with tantalising snapshots of the content to be found on your site, driving further traffic back to your website.

Eye-Catching Newsletter Design

Every email newsletter template can be branded to your needs, including custom fields, additional advanced features that require coding and even fully bespoke designs from our UX and graphic design team. Brafton marries content, design and UX in all components of the email, from the subject line and preview text to the in-body format and CTAs.

Brafton’s newsletters are built to wow your readers.

On-Brand Newsletter Copywriting

Working with Brafton’s team of in-house writers is seamless, as your blog post writer is also your white paper writer and your email writer, and so on. Your team is assigned to your account as a whole to ensure the hallmarks of great copywriting, like voice, tone and style carry across all assets, including email newsletters.

While the specific contents of each newsletter will be determined on a case-by-case basis, generally, the flow features:

Optimised subject line.

Preview/teaser text.

Greeting and body content, including text, visuals and other branded formatting.

Call-to-action and signoff.

Your writer works to craft each of these sections interdependently to form a cohesive narrative that makes an impact. We drive open rates, click rates and, ultimately, conversions through stellar email copy.

Email Content Designed for Maximum Readability

The text itself will be arranged to maximise readability through the use of subheads, bullet points, imagery and videos where appropriate. Brafton creates newsletter templates that intuitively lead the eye through each message to improve read-through and click-through rates. We also implement custom-designed, clickable CTAs that guide recipients or subscribers to a desired next step.

From an interactive email newsletter to one-off deals and promotions, a polished layout and clear CTAs are the engines of successful email marketing campaigns.

Newsletter Delivery

Brafton content marketing strategists are well-versed in the breadth of email service providers and are comfortable supporting in any capacity required. Using a marketing automation program or other email newsletter software to segment recipient lists, create drip campaigns and schedule email send dates, your marketing strategist will provide guidance regarding best practices to maximise results. Based on hard data, we will provide tips on the best day of the week and time of day to send your daily, weekly or monthly newsletter.

Permission-based email marketing ensures the people who have voluntarily opted to engage with your brand receive your newsletters. This will help optimise your open and click-through rates, as will your team’s focus on website personas and historical performance. Newsletters will keep you top-of-mind with your prospects so that when they are ready to become clients, they think of you first.

With the right strategy and email newsletter software, you’ll know when your audience is ready to engage with your products or services!

Newsletter Measurement

Email marketing can’t be done blindly; you need reporting to tell you where you’re doing well and where your strategy is falling short. Your Brafton content marketing strategist will use tools like Google Analytics, reporting tools within the email marketing platform of your choice and other email data automation features to identify patterns. Then, they’ll walk you through the results of your newsletter management strategy, including everything from open rates, click-through rates and conversions, and how email engagement is translating to revenue growth. The value of a campaign monitoring service is essential to understand what percentage of your audience is willing to further engage with your email marketing content.

High-quality subject lines are your foot in the door. Nothing within the body of your email campaign matters unless someone is enticed enough to open the email. Unique HTML open rates are absolutely critical in evaluating the quality of your subject lines.

Unique click-through rates will determine how well your message was received once a person opened your email. If the subject line is getting the first foot in the door, an email link click is the next step. We evaluate the quality of email content by the rate at which we entice visitors to click on your calls to action.

Based on your email newsletter campaign results, your team will adjust your strategy as necessary to improve ROI and ensure newsletters serve specific commercial objectives.

With each successive email campaign, you’ll be able to narrow your content focus to speak directly to a growing core audience. The data from your previous email newsletters will inform your business strategy as it relates to what form of value-add copy — white papers, eBooks, or otherwise — is best engaging your audience and driving conversion rates.

With Brafton’s newsletter management services, your business gains content writing and campaign management solutions tailored specifically to you.

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