Lead Magnets

Incentivise leads, impress prospects and prove your value with lead magnet content from Brafton.

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What to Expect: Sales-Ready Leads

Brafton’s team of copywriters, graphic designers, animators and videographers craft custom content for every phase of the customer journey. To generate even greater interest in your brand and to nurture leads closer to a final sale, great lead magnet content can push you over the goal line.

Examples of lead magnets include:

  • Visual guides.
  • Tutorials/demos.
  • Samples.
  • Preliminary audits and competitor analysis.
  • Customer testimonials and case studies.
  • Templates and checklists.
  • Trials.
  • Webinars.
  • And more.

Lead Magnet Creation Services

Brafton are a full-service content marketing agency that understands the importance of creating valuable assets for lead generation purposes. We offer a variety of services that support your campaign content and operations:

Content Writing: White Papers, eBooks and More

High-value content is the fundamental aspect of an irresistible lead magnet. Our editorial staff is experienced in writing content of all kinds: from white papers that show thought leadership, to eBooks that highlight your authority in your industry, to case studies that demonstrate your brand’s value.

White papers

Include comprehensive information on a specific problem or topic that’s important to your audience. This evergreen lead magnet content will remain valuable for long periods of time. The long lifespan for a white paper means it can continue to feed your sales funnel for years to come.


Combine stunning design and effective storytelling to wow prospects. These media-rich, visual assets stand out from other types of content, and they convincingly incentivise downloads and form completions.

Case studies

Use the real experiences from satisfied customers to demonstrate your brand’s value to potential clients. These assets use the power of a good testimonial, compelling writing and exceptional graphic design to create a lead generation machine.

Landing Page Design and Development

Every lead magnet must be supported by an effective landing page. This page should include several basic elements:

  • A description of the content that encourages conversions.
  • A signup form to collect email addresses and other information.
  • Access to the file once the form has been submitted.

Our team of web designers and developers can put together a landing page tailored to your needs, supported by SEO-forward copy written by our expert editorial team.

Email Marketing Strategy and Management

The purpose of a lead generation campaign is to get contact information. Once you have it, what’s next?

A well planned-out email marketing strategy nurtures new leads through strategic content. Our consultants can help you create and implement your email marketing campaigns, including setting them up, deploying emails and analysing the results.

Buyer Persona Development

You can’t have effective lead generation if you don’t know who your target audience is or what they want to learn. Buyer personas help you zero in on that target market, detailing information like:

  • Their job role and responsibilities.
  • Their challenges and goals.
  • Their content preferences.

Understanding these elements and more lets you carefully determine the best lead magnet that will draw in your ideal customer.

Content Planning

Need a lead magnet idea? Just ask us. We can help you brainstorm your next campaign based on:

  • Your target audience.
  • Your marketing and commercial goals.
  • Your brand messaging.
  • Industry and keyword research.

Our creative teams can come up with creative lead magnet ideas that will intrigue your website visitors. We can also create a holistic campaign for it, including:

  • Blog posts and guest articles that drive traffic to your conversion landing page.
  • Social media posts that promote your content.
  • Paid ads that expand the reach of your campaign.

Social Media Consulting and Management

Promoting your content is essential for driving traffic to your conversion landing page.

Social media is an excellent method for telling your audience about the content and its value. Our social media strategists can help you create a strategy to utilise these platforms for your benefit using a combination of paid and organic content.

Each brand needs to devise a unique social strategy that works for its audience and goals. A Facebook ad might work well for some, while sponsored posts on LinkedIn may be more beneficial for others. Brafton’s social strategists can help you design a strategy that’s tailored to your brand.

PPC Consulting and Management

Our promotions and engagements team can work with you to drive targeted traffic to your website through pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Google Ads, Bing Ads, display ads, syndicated content and more can expand your reach and attract new leads to your site. Meanwhile, retargeting ads can remind past visitors of your brand, value and offerings.

Your Leads, Your Content

Brafton’s team of strategists, consultants and project managers can help you:

  • Develop targeted buyer personas.
  • Align content with high-value prospects.
  • Launch a full-scale lead-nurturing campaign.
  • Measure performance and effectiveness.
  • Recommend complementary assets.
  • Optimise where necessary.