Corporate Video Production Sydney

84% of consumers say a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a product or service.

If your brand lacks video content, it’s missing out on important opportunities to nurture, engage and convert customers.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Video Marketing

High-quality video looks professional and engages your target audience. Storytelling elements and branded elements help customers relate to your company mission.

On social media, captivating videos help customers learn more about your offerings, serving as an important touch point. In fact, video ads are the No. 1 way consumers discover new brands that they later buy from.

Creative marketing videos not only raise brand awareness, but also help convert customers. Among surveyed marketers, 91% are using video as a marketing tool, and 95% of brands say video marketing has helped increase brand awareness

Engaging content has become the cornerstone of successful digital marketing strategies. This type of video content goes beyond just visuals and audio; it captures the audience’s attention, stirs their curiosity and invites deeper engagement. By creating an immersive and memorable viewing experience, it not only introduces audiences to brands but also fosters long-term loyalty.

Increase Brand Awareness and Convert More Customers

Leverage branded video content to increase engagement and conversions. Here is the proof that it’s an effective strategy to meet marketing goals:

90% of marketers

credit video content for helping them generate leads. This is primarily because branded video content captures attention, conveys brand stories effectively, and can be easily shared across multiple platforms.

95% of consumers

assert that video has improved their understanding of products and services. Video content simplifies complex information, fostering trust in your brand and aiding consumers in making informed decisions.

How Brafton Does Video Production

We are a full-service digital marketing agency, which means our in-house corporate videographer team are experts at creating a compelling video that works great as a TV commercial, web video, social media video and more.

Working with Brafton means you get a full marketing team, complete with a dedicated project manager, content marketing strategist, and full videography and animation team. Between our video and digital marketing experts, we can come up with a video concept that will wow your audience. Our corporate video production service begins well before the cameras roll, and is an ongoing effort. Depending on your needs, our process includes:

Need a video, but don’t exactly know what to focus on? We can help. Our creative teams can brainstorm great video concepts that will highlight your brand’s or product’s best qualities.

An excellent script is the backbone of videos that include dialogue or voiceovers. Our editorial staff is adept at drafting scripts that are clean and succinct, yet fun to watch and easy to understand. We get your point across effectively and quickly in a high quality video.

Once we have all the details in place for your videos, it’s time for the lights, cameras and action. We can do on-site video production, or film in our in-house studio. Our video production crew uses professional quality HD and 4K video cameras, and lighting and audio equipment to make sure you look and sound great.


We can facilitate the promotion of your product videos through YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks. Further, we can leverage your email, SEO, PPC and other marketing tactics to draw attention to your video.

The process doesn’t end with the delivery of your video. Our content marketing strategists will analyse the success of your video marketing strategy, and give advice on how to leverage your other marketing assets for a holistic approach.

Animated Logos

Your company logo is one of your most important brand assets. It’s how new and returning customers recognise your organisation. Across social media, product packaging and internal communications, your logo is likely your most-used asset.

An animated logo enlivens your videos and raises brand awareness. Our 3D animation capabilities add depth to your brand’s logo. The unique appeal of a dynamic logo creates an impression that lasts.

Just think of all the logos your customers see every day, from app store pages to retail shelves. Animation helps your brand stand above the crowd.

Website Demos

A website demo based on screen captures of your web portal or site, supplemented by a voiceover and music, can help customers understand the benefits of working with your brand. Animated explainer videos can be 2D, 3D or a hybrid.

Compared with other types of content, explainer videos nurture leads and close deals faster. In just a few minutes, customers will have a better understanding of your capabilities and features. Plus, animation gives you the opportunity to instil your unique brand voice into your content.


The freedom and flexibility of animated graphics let your brand easily explain complicated concepts to your customers. Animation evokes emotions and displays personality.

Basic animations include stylised 2D and vector icons overlaid with voice and music. Commercial-grade motion graphics feature dynamic text and vector animation, interactive characters and 3D elements.

Motion graphics ranging from 30 to 120 seconds are perfect for conveying processes and product cycles. Customers will remain engaged and attentive while absorbing important information.

animated videos

Animated videos give your brand the flexibility to easily explain complex concepts and processes. Through custom characters, whiteboard illustrations and dynamic vector graphics, animations make it fun and interesting for your target audience to learn about your brand. Working with our video production company you can rest assured that your brand’s message is conveyed in the most effective and engaging way possible.

On-Location Videos

On-site video shoots bring a professional film production crew directly to the
action. Putting a face to your brand builds customer trust. In addition,
commercial-grade post-production editing lends credibility to your brand.

Corporate Promotional VideoS

Polished promotional videos let you tell your brand story in your own voice. Corporate overviews raise brand awareness and engage customers on a deeper level. You can share promotional videos on your company’s website and social media profiles as well as at industry events.

Videos that include beautiful footage of your workspace, processes and customer service help buyers feel comfortable working with you. Custom marketing videos give you the space to speak in your own voice about the issues that matter most to your business.

Testimonials and Interviews

Custom, on-location interviews allow your in-house experts to share their insights and passion with your customers. Your stakeholders can shine a light on the elements that make your brand unique. Professional video puts a face on your brand, making it easier to connect with your clients.

In addition, testimonial videos let satisfied customers sing your praises in their own words. Whether they’re at your offices or on their turf, our expert videographers will bring high-quality video production to your customers.


Marketing videos help customers visualise the benefits of your offerings. A step-by-step product demo, led by a professional presenter, provides customers with valuable insights. Demos can support the sales process by providing potential customers with essential knowledge about your products and services.

Effective product demos replicate the user experience, allowing customers to see firsthand how your offerings solve problems. Combining storytelling elements, live-action video and dynamic text makes a lasting impression on customers.


Take the video shoot on the road with you. Live events are amazing opportunities to connect with customers face-to-face. Event videos let you extend these interactions to customers across the globe. Featuring event b-roll, keynote speaker highlights and attendee interviews, these videos capture the spirit of the event.

Letting customers see how your brand interacts with the broader community can help them feel more comfortable working with you. Candid conversations with event attendees demonstrate the trust you’ve built with existing customers.


High energy, man-on-the-street style videos lend a sense of immediacy and personality to your brand. These highly engaging videos allow you to poll customers, ask questions and gather honest feedback on camera.

Vox pops provide social proof that your brand is committed to hearing from your customers. They’re easy to share online and at events. With just a few minutes of video, you can open a window into your interactions with consumers, allowing potential buyers to place themselves in the shoes of a satisfied customer.

Why Brafton?

At Brafton, we provide expert video production services. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Extensive Expertise

Brafton is a full-service digital marketing agency with a dedicated corporate videographer team. We possess the skills and knowledge to create compelling videos, from TV commercials to web videos and social media content and much more.

Complete Process

Our service doesn’t end with the production of the video. We are involved right from the idea generation, scripting, storyboarding, production, post-production and promotion, ensuring a comprehensive approach and delivering you high-quality results.

Unique and Engaging Content

Whether it’s animated videos, website demos, motion graphics or on-location videos, at Brafton we have the capability to create diverse content that appeals to your audience’s preferences. Our content is designed to make complex concepts easy to understand and engaging, allowing your brand to effectively communicate your value proposition.

Custom Marketing Videos

Brafton understands the importance of authenticity in marketing. We provide custom marketing videos that allow your brand to tell its unique stories in its own voice. These videos can include footage of workspaces, processes and customer service, enhancing your brand’s credibility and fostering trust with your customers.

Holistic Marketing Integration

Apart from creating high-quality videos, at Brafton we also know how to incorporate them into an overall marketing strategy to garner the best ROI. We can facilitate the promotion of your product videos through various channels and leverage other marketing tactics to draw attention to the video.

Data-Driven Strategy

We don’t just deliver your video; our content marketing strategists analyze the success of your video marketing strategy and provide advice on how to leverage your other marketing assets for a holistic approach.

Support Your Mission With a Video Strategy

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, video marketing produces great results. Designed to be consumed on the go, at events or at work, corporate videos:

  • Engage customers and support conversions.
  • Build brand awareness and trust.
  • Increase organic ranking and mobile optimisation.

Check out Brafton’s corporate video production in the UK, our corporate video production in the US and our corporate video production in Germany.