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Email marketing is a proven content marketing strategy for increasing brand awareness, growing website traffic, generating leads and promoting products and services.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your email marketing programme, are in search of a marketing automation agency or simply want to maximise the results of your email marketing efforts, Brafton is on hand to assist every step of the way.

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How an Email Marketing Campaign Works

Along with industry-specific content writers, designers and project managers, your content marketing strategist will work with your team to customise our email marketing services for your needs. Our approach is designed to engage and convert recipients, creating effective email campaigns that will delight current and potential customers alike.

With help from our leading industry technology and established email marketing best practises, you can spread your message to huge numbers of potential customers. Along the way, we’ll help keep engagement high, continually refining your strategy based on detailed data analysis.

An email marketing campaign works by creating and nurturing brand awareness among both new and existing customers. In concept, it’s very simple: Users sign up for your newsletter(s), and you send them valuable and exciting information about your brand with automated emails. These communications can include sales, updates, news or any other type of content.

At Brafton, we work with a large number of partners to provide a flexible and efficient email marketing service. These include:

Additionally, our email automation and campaign management have a wide range of features, such as:

  • End-to-end campaign creation.
  • Campaign implementation and management.
  • List management and segmentation.
  • Ongoing reporting.
  • Re-engagement campaigns.
  • And much more.

Targeted Asset Launch Campaigns

Lead-generation assets such as eBooks and whitepapers require proper promotion to maximise results. Email marketing remains a cornerstone of these efforts, alongside social media marketing and dedicated landing page creation. If you’re looking to demonstrate your authority and establish thought leadership in your industry, asset creation is only the first step.

Brafton will create email content for you to send to a specified database of recipients, ensuring each email features links to dedicated landing pages designed with conversion in mind. By incorporating editorial and user experience design best practises, including engaging subject lines, rich media in the body of the email and expert call-to-action design and placement, you can increase your open, click-through and download rates.

Automated Emails and Synchronised Sends

In addition to coordinating overarching asset launch campaigns, your Brafton team is able to sync your email list with your customer relationship management software to accurately record converted prospects. Automatic email replies can then be used to ensure tailored thank-you messages are sent to interested recipients, keeping them engaged and providing a personalised user experience.

Relevant Drip Email Campaigns

Initial email outreach can be enhanced through the use of email drip campaigns. Beyond downloadable assets, drip campaigns can be used for everything from new email subscriber onboarding to general brand awareness efforts, creating a series of digital touchpoints that will automatically be sent out to specified prospects on a routine basis. Using email automation software, Brafton is capable of crafting custom email drip campaigns that deliver relevant, targeted content marketing to keep prospective customers interested in your brand offerings. Meanwhile, our digital marketing experts constantly determine the best time to distribute your content without overwhelming recipients with haphazardly planned, irrelevant follow-up emails.

Customised List Segmentation

By undertaking email list segmentation, you can use your email marketing to nurture prospects and guide them down the sales funnel from the awareness stage to a final sale. Data, including a recipient’s business, job title and previous content interaction, can be taken into account, allowing you to leverage unique, valuable content for different audience segments.

Content-Driven Email Marketing Strategy

Brafton content marketing strategists will help you dive deep into the goals of your various email campaigns, allowing you to zero in on how much your content marketing strategy is resonating with your target audience and why. From here, email campaigns can be fine-tuned further to improve results and ensure business goals are being met.

Newsletter Management Services

Newsletters are among the most popular forms of email content marketing. They provide you with a regular opportunity to engage with prospective customers and increase subscribers, remaining top of mind for your target audience while also providing valuable content designed to build brand authority and encourage commercial action.

Brafton’s email marketing automation capabilities make it easy to automatically reach vast numbers of consumers via email on a regular basis. Your content marketing strategist will help you determine who should receive your newsletter and how best to engage your audience and avoid generic messaging. Using personas for your website visitors and product buyers, including advanced demographic information and details regarding what stage of the sales funnel the recipient is in, you can count on personalised, targeted and high-quality email newsletters. This translates to higher open rates, click-through rates and conversions.

At Brafton, we believe it’s essential to find a balance between education and entertainment when creating an email newsletter strategy. After segmenting your recipient list into specific groups, you can easily determine the proper mix between information, interesting content and promotion. This way, you can keep audiences engaged without your content reading as overly sales-focused or extraneous.

Newsletter Writing Services

While email marketing automation and overall strategy are vital to achieving commercial objectives, the actual creation of newsletter content, from both editorial and design standpoints, is just as essential.

Using industry knowledge, internal subject matter expertise and proven best practises, your Brafton content writer will craft email content that resonates with your target audience, providing relevant, valuable and actionable information in the form of news articles, evergreen guides, interviews and more. 

Email newsletter creation begins with the construction of subject lines that encourage email opens, using direct language that provides both a sense of intrigue and urgency. Through the use of automation software, subject lines can also be customised to include recipient names or industry- and location-based language geared toward personalisation. Brafton content writers are also trained to avoid language that will either turn off potential readers or be viewed as spam by email service providers.

In addition to targeted, high-quality content, the body of emails will be arranged to promote readability, from the size and type of fonts used to the incorporation of bullet points to how graphs are separated. Unique CTAs can be inserted along with appropriate photographs, illustrations and videos, providing eye-catching options to break up text and keep recipients from clicking away.

Your Brafton graphic designer can also include elements such as branded header graphics and custom imagery to both engage recipients and keep branding consistent.

Writers and designers undertake email newsletter creation with target audiences in mind, including how they will consume the content, either on desktop computers or on mobile devices. Content is created accordingly, with layout and ease of use, regardless of device, remaining a primary concern.

Email: One Tool in Your Digital Marketing Arsenal

Although an email marketing solution is a must-have for any digital marketing strategy, it isn’t the only element you’ll need to consider. There are other variables at play — and truly savvy digital strategy agencies can help you harness all of them.

There are a large variety of benefits to email marketing, such as:

  • Cost-efficiency. Few forms of marketing compare to email campaigns for sheer ROI because there’s practically no overhead. You don’t have to pay for postage, ad space, print, or anything else normally associated with marketing. It’s often much more cost-effective than social media marketing, display or search marketing.
  • Precise Targeting. With most forms of advertising, you can’t be sure who’s seeing it. An email marketing platform is different: You can send specific emails based on location, demographics, lead status, and more. Because you can personalise your emails based on these categories, you can expect higher conversion rates.
  • Increased Brand Recognition. Any time someone sees there’s an email from your company, whether they engage with it or not, it keeps your brand top-of-mind for them. This makes them more likely to turn to you when they’re in the market for a product or service you provide.

These are just a few examples. There are many more, and we’re happy to share them with you.

At Brafton, we know effective email campaigns rely on equally relevant website design, landing page copywriting, social media strategy and more. That’s why we craft your approach holistically, which means no element of the customer experience is overlooked. The result is an all-inclusive digital strategy, helping your brand stand out with an unforgettable voice, high-quality content and an omnichannel campaign that gets current and potential customers talking. 

To further support our holistic approach, we use proprietary platform software to centralise your marketing channels and project management approaches. You’ll see your email marketing strategy displayed right alongside your content marketing assets, helping you connect the dots to achieve brand consistency and fulfil business objectives all in one place.

Better yet, we work with you to hone your digital marketing approach across all these channels simultaneously — which means insights you gather from your email marketing campaign can be applied to blog writing, video creation, social media posts and more. With every marketing tool leveraged effectively, your brand, message and unique offering will become a force to be reckoned with in the digital landscape.

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