Why You Need an Email Marketing Strategy

Why You Need an Email
Marketing Strategy

Email should be a part of any digital marketing programme. It helps brands reach large swathes of potential customers quickly and easily. Whatever business, marketing or commercial goals you’ve set out for your next campaign, the right email campaign can help achieve them.

Email marketing strategies can score big wins with:

  • Building brand awareness.
  • Generating qualified leads.
  • Nurturing your top sales prospects.
  • Winning meaningful conversions that directly translate into more sales and higher revenue.

Brafton’s experienced email marketing consultants will help craft the right email marketing strategy to match your industry, audience and goals. Take advantage of our email marketing services to reach a wider audience and bring in more qualified leads.

So, where do you start? That’s where Brafton’s email marketing consulting services come into play. Our expert consultants can help with everything from creating email marketing campaigns to writing email copy.

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How to Get Your Email Campaign Started

How to Get Your Email Campaign Started

Every email marketing campaign needs a detailed strategy to target the right audience and deliver results. Brafton has established a can’t-miss step-by-step process to support any commercial goals.

When you partner with Brafton, you’ll work with a dedicated digital marketing consultant who has the experience and expertise to get your email strategy off the ground and produce meaningful results.

Here’s how the typical process works:

Define your audience

1. Define your audience

Your target audience informs every aspect of email marketing, from the message to the tone to the call to action to the sending frequency. We first need to outline who we’re trying to reach before we can begin devising the best email marketing strategy possible:

  • Are they consumers or business users?
  • Are they already familiar with your brand, or is this going to be an awareness campaign?
  • Have they signed up for your newsletter?
  • Are they a former or returning customer?

With those questions answered, our expert team of email marketers can get a better idea of who we are trying to reach and how to effectively engage them.

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Build an email list

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2. Build an email list

Once you have a broad idea of who you want to target, you can start to dig deeper and create an email list filled with qualified leads, potential prospects or former customers.

Brafton can help build out a subscriber list by developing conversion-oriented content that features:

  • Sign-up forms.
  • Email newsletter enrolments.
  • Event registration opportunities.
  • Other calls to action.

Segmenting your sales targets even further will refine your email lists, letting you create dedicated campaigns for specific audiences based on their level of engagement, position in the sales funnel and more.

3. Set your goals

3. Set your goals

No campaign is complete without goals. Your digital marketing consultant can help identify the goals that will be the most lucrative for your company, and set realistic targets for them.

From there, we will ideate on ways your emails can support your goals. Some common examples of email campaign goals include:

  • Increase sales or conversions on a specific landing page.
  • Increase eBook or white paper downloads.
  • Increase newsletter subscribers.
  • Increase demo or sales requests.

We will then identify the assets, messages, email types and other factors that will help you achieve your email goals.


5. Measure the results

What to Expect from Brafton Email Marketing Consulting Services

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