YouTube Marketing Services

YouTube is the largest video platform, the second largest search engine after Google and the second biggest social media channel after Facebook.

YouTube is a core part of social media marketing that operates around YouTube SEO optimisation. Our digital marketing agency is tailored to suit your specific video SEO service needs. Video, search, social media marketing – those are three of our core competencies at Brafton, and we put them to good use for your brand with our YouTube marketing services.

Full-Service YouTube Marketing

Brafton is an end-to-end YouTube marketing agency, covering every facet of your YouTube marketing services approach.

From refining your target audience and developing a full content marketing services strategy, to video content creation, optimisation, distribution, analytics and beyond, there’s no element of YouTube marketing services that we can’t handle.

There are video marketing tactics for every stage of the sales funnel, and almost all of them involve YouTube.

YouTube marketing services have a special advantage over other types of marketing services, especially now that it’s more popular than cable TV. This makes it an incredibly strong medium for advertising.

After all, you can’t compete on the world’s largest video platform without great video content.

There are many types of video content available for use in your YouTube advertising campaign. You can:

  • Interview an expert. Viewers crave knowledge, and they’ll consistently utilise sources they trust. If you can establish your brand as a trusted authority, you’ll improve your brand’s reputation and recognition.
  • Review products and services. Much like interviewing an expert, having someone who can offer trustworthy reviews that don’t sound sales-y can be extremely beneficial to your marketing campaign. Reviews that seem like honest opinions from people who know what they’re talking about can offer credibility to your brand.
  • Make tutorials. Because so many people go to YouTube for information, there are lots of them who want to know how to do something. It can be a tutorial on using a product or service, or it can be a broader guide on how to use entire categories of products effectively. Whatever it is your brand offers, people need to know how to best use it.
  • Advertise events. If your company is doing something special, a celebratory video can pique your audience’s interest, especially if the event is presented in an engaging and exciting way. This is a great way to get people excited about what your company is doing, whether it’s a sale or the introduction of a new or revamped product.
  • Add humour: If you can hit the mark with a funny video or clip on YouTube Shorts, it can go viral quickly and dramatically improve the emotional connection consumers have with your brand. People love humour, and if you’re a good source of laughter, people will see your brand as relatable and fun.

Any or all of these ideas could be core features of your YouTube advertising marketing services campaign.

Social Media Management

Our social media managers, strategists and YouTube marketing services consultants deliver a full suite of YouTube management services that include:

  • Creating a YouTube channel.
  • Developing a strategy to improve key performance metrics such as watch time, impressions, reach and engagements.
  • Coordinating YouTube marketing services efforts with content strategists and project managers.
  • Providing ongoing reporting and YouTube analytics analysis.
  • Responding to comments.

With nearly 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the second largest social media marketing site on the web. By that logic, a YouTube channel is just as important as a profile on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram – maybe even more so.

youtube seo services

Ranking well on YouTube — through YouTube SEO best practices — is as challenging as it is important. The second largest search engine is used to find more than 5 billion videos every single day, and a bevy of variables determine if your video content will make the cut:

  • Total views.
  • Average view duration.
  • Video length.
  • Keywords used in titles, captions, tags, descriptions, categories and channel pages.
  • Backlinks and embeds.
  • Positive vs. negative engagements.
  • Engagements (click-through rates, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, subscriber rates).
  • Channel authority.
  • Days since published.
  • Video description length.

At Brafton, our specialised SEO services focus on YouTube marketing optimisation tactics like curating playlists, checking for keyword inclusion, promoting videos across other content channels such as email and other social networks, engaging subscribers and more. Our videographers, meanwhile, prioritise video optimisation with editing techniques that keep viewers engaged until the very last frame. Equally important, we track key metrics every step of the way, and quickly pivot our marketing strategy as needed.

Video Description Copywriting

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it easier than ever to parse and even understand audio and video content. Nevertheless, YouTube video descriptions remain an extraordinarily important ranking factor on YouTube and on Google search.

That’s why our social media strategists and content writers frequently collaborate to create keyword-optimised video descriptions. We pay special attention to factors such as the length of the description, the inclusion of primary and secondary keywords, link placement and other textual aspects that influence a video’s ranking on YouTube.

We can also create keyword-optimised landing pages that embed your YouTube content. This will make your content more discoverable via Google search, while helping to drive up overall video engagement. These efforts, in turn, can help build brand awareness, improve lead generation and ultimately drive up conversions.

Video Syndication, Distribution and Promotion

In addition to creating video descriptions and landing pages that will make your content more discoverable via search, we can help you distribute your video content by promoting it across other social networks and via email. This process is sometimes referred to as video syndication.

Another form of video syndication that we can help you with is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Whether through Google’s Display Ad network, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads or other platforms, we can help you manage your PPC video ad campaigns.

YouTube Marketing Campaign Management

Unsurprisingly, YouTube is the largest digital platform for video ads on the web. At Brafton, we can strategise, script, produce and edit your YouTube ads. We can also design banner ads that display in the frame.

Our social media consultants and PPC consultants can then help you manage your YouTube ad campaigns by refining the target audience for your ad, assisting with the cost-per-view bidding process, choosing the ideal ad format based on your budget and expectations, and more.

Create. Promote. Manage. Win.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we’re uniquely qualified to help you with every component of YouTube marketing: Content creation, search engine optimisation, promotion and distribution, and social media management.