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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) vs. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) — Which is Right For Your Strategy?

Both of these marketing strategies help customers find your business in the internet babble. However, they work quite differently and may suit you better depending on the stage your company is at or the campaigns you’re leading. Brafton’s dedicated advertising specialists will advise you on which to pursue or whether to use a combination of PPC and SEO to get the returns you’re looking for. 

Here’s why each one is useful:


Paying for Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords) catapults your brand right to the top of a web search or social media feed. We’ll show you the relevant keywords that rank highly, write a display ad, then link it to an existing or fresh landing page. PPC is brilliant for fast, targeted marketing. You’re promoted to thousands of potential customers almost as soon as the ad is live, with the option to swiftly tweak text, headlines and links for improved conversion. Plus, you only pay if someone clicks. Are you aiming to create a lot of lead-nurturing assets or want to promote deals, free trials or regional events? PPC is essential.

Search Engine Optimisation

This takes more time and analysis to perfect, but SEO marketing makes you much more searchable in the long run. Brafton strategists will research the best keywords from your customers’ organic search behaviour, imbuing them throughout your webpages and meta descriptions. When content is built around SEO, it climbs up the search ladder with every click, increasing your domain authority. Backlinks and re-optimisation help too. With a little patience, you’ll see incredible returns. It’s the key to becoming more competitive online and building great messaging.

PPC Success Stories From Brafton Clients

What to Look For in a PPC Agency 

There’s plenty to keep in mind during your PPC agency search. Only the sharpest, most creative services (ahem … ) can make the investment worthwhile. Partner with an agency if:

  • They’re obsessed with data: From click-through rates and cost-per-click to your impressions, conversions and quality scores, the agency knows what adds up for strong ROI with the budget you’re playing with. They present regular reports, too, revealing what’s working.
  • They test and iterate constantly: With all the right data in front of them, a PPC agency must double down on effective messaging, honing ever closer on the value your audiences want to gain from every click. 
  • They’re able to change tactics: Google and social PPC best practices are never static for long. Make sure you have a marketing partner that understands how bidding, ad groups and first-party data capture choices serve your goals. 

Brafton checks all these boxes. We’re a PPC agency that digs into your brand objectives from the get-go, strengthening the strategy through data analysis as we progress.

Top-Level PPC Expertise

Our consultants are experts in all things PPC. We understand that it takes an average of 7 clicks before you get a new sales lead. That means you need to put together the right PPC strategy to ensure every engagement is driving your search result goals. Brafton will work with you to design campaigns that combine data-driven strategies, SEO wizardry and creative content to give you real results.

Cost Effectiveness

Without the right marketing strategy in place or the right team making sure everything is running smoothly, you can easily go over budget on your ad spend. Brafton brings a high level of experience, precision and PPC management services to ensure your paid search marketing campaigns are well-optimised and get the most value for your dollar, driving down your average cost-per-click while boosting traffic to your site.

Data Insights to Tailor Your Ads

No two organisations are precisely the same, so generic strategies just won’t work. We use a range of metrics to get a complete understanding of your industry and target audience to build a campaign that packs the most punch and perfectly fits your needs. Key metrics we use to measure the strength of your campaign include:

  • Click-through rate.
  • Cost per conversion.
  • Conversion rate.
  • Impressions.
  • Ad spend.
  • Return on investment.

When you partner with Brafton, your dedicated account manager will take you through our proven, four-step process to design the campaign that makes the most sense for your needs.

Step 1: Industry Research.

We thoroughly analyse impactful keywords, relevant targeting and competitor behaviour to understand how to organise your campaign for the best results.

Step 2: Account Setup.

We help set up a relevant ad network account and begin the process of developing a landing page.

Step 3: Implementation.

It’s time to bring your campaign to life. Our team writes eye-grabbing ad copy and conducts testing to ensure your ads have the maximum impact.

Step 4: Campaign Management.

Over time, we’ll regularly monitor your campaign and provide expert performance insights to determine your reach. We’ll work with you to test and optimise your click marketing strategy as needed.

Paid Text Ads

Each Brafton PPC specialist works with every client to craft the perfect headlines and descriptive text and match them with the right ad extensions to help push your content to as many eyes as possible.

Paid text ads are among the most common forms of PPC advertising, and for good reason. Since they don’t use images or other graphic designs, they’re easier to put together and launch. They’re also more easily convertible across desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring maximum coverage.

If you’re looking for a quick, seamless ad campaign, paid text ads are the way to go.

Display Ads

Display ads combine arresting imagery with optimised text to give you a truly dynamic advertising experience. Brafton can design banners, sidebar ads, half- and full-page advertisements and many other formats.

Brafton’s PPC management team works with you to design ads for Google’s AMP platform. This helps drive viewability and increase click-through rates, both of which ensure you’re getting the most from your ads.

Because display ads rely more on images and visual cues, they tend to be better for driving brand awareness. If you’re looking to boost brand recognition and loyalty, display ads are the right fit for you.


Retargeting takes you to the next level of marketing. Most ad campaigns don’t turn clicks into conversions on the first go, so it’s important to invest in a retargeting campaign to ensure your ads are actually generating sales leads. And that turns your ad spend into real revenue.

Our team of consultants at Brafton uses cookies and third-party user data to target consumers who are more likely to be interested in your products or services based on their search history. Not only does this help you target users who have already visited your site, but it also goes after the ones who might become qualified leads.

Shopping Campaigns

Sometimes it’s better to let your product speak for you. It can help you better reach consumers in a market that encourages quick, seamless online interactions.

Brafton’s shopping campaigns use product images, star ratings and other ad extensions to add a little sparkle to your product designs and encourage users to take a closer look. They directly target the users searching for the product you sell, encouraging them to engage with your organisation over the rest.

For e-commerce companies that don’t have time to wait for a potential customer to happen upon their site, Google shopping campaigns might be the best fit.

Social Media Advertising

So much happens on social media today, and your customers are spending greater chunks of their time scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Some companies have kept up with the trend, and now a number of people make purchasing decisions based on ads they see on social media.

Our social media marketing strategists can work with you to craft engaging and compelling ads to blast across all social media platforms, helping you build meaningful and lasting connections with users and customers. From Facebook ads to Instagram campaigns, we’ll handle every aspect of your social media strategy.


Brafton’s PPC management services employ syndication networks to push your content to third-party sites, ensuring your content reaches far beyond your usual audience and is put in front of millions of people who are ready to buy.

The beauty of syndication is that you can co-opt the traffic generated to other sites and use it to gather interest for your own. That way, you expose your content to significantly more views than would otherwise be possible, helping to increase lead generation and conversion rate.

Our PPC agency works with Taboola, Outbrain and similar networks to spread your content to the widest possible market.

Fuel Your Digital Marketing ROI With PPC

The good news when it comes to PPC marketing is that it doesn’t take long to elbow yourself out of the crowd of your competitors if you’ve fallen a bit behind in the marketing game. The beauty of PPC ads is that you can use them to target consumers who have never heard of your brand, a key driver of organic site traffic.

A good PPC campaign supports and augments the rest of your digital marketing efforts. Use optimised paid ads to drive traffic to the web content you’ve worked so hard to produce.

One of the greatest benefits of a good PPC campaign is that it delivers pinpoint accuracy. Deep market and industry research guide your marketing materials to exactly the people who are likely to use your products or services.

You can use advanced data analytics to measure and track the performance of your PPC ads. This helps you determine if your campaigns are actually delivering and whether the results they’re driving fit into your broader business goals. You can also use analytical metrics to inform where to make changes and tweaks to your campaigns where needed.

Looking for a PPC management agency that provides advertising and pay-per-click services for your business? Want insight into how Google Ads and search engine marketing impact traffic and conversions on your website? Brafton’s PPC services cover all aspects of your paid search marketing strategy. We provide search engine marketing solutions that work.