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Commercial Video Production

Video advertising improves brand awareness by as much as 139% and intent to purchase by 97%. If you have commercial goals, video marketing can help you achieve them.

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Video for Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Video content accounts for approximately 80% of all web traffic. It’s one of the most powerful communication mediums for making a lasting impression on your target audience. A single, exceptionally memorable video ad or TV commercial is like a mnemonic device: If you can recall the content, it’s that much easier to recall the brand that published it.

Video is also an effective way to visually represent complex ideas in a digestible format. Case in point, 97% of businesses say video helps people better understand their products or services.

Good ideas represented in a great way can provide a whole new perspective on a brand and
its offerings. This is the core tenet of corporate video marketing, and the mindset that Brafton videographers bring to visual storytelling at every phase of the sales funnel:

Brand Awareness

Two-minute how-to videos, animated explainers and quick-tip overviews are examples of top-of-funnel content to be quickly and passively consumed and easily shared across online channels.

Lead Generation

Gated video content such as tutorials, webinars, virtual tours and product demonstrations are inroads for engaging potential customers.

Lead Nurturing

Video testimonials, a video introduction to your services and interviews with satisfied customers can all help move leads from the middle of the sales funnel toward the bottom.

Customer Loyalty

Training videos, walkthroughs and explanations can help customers maximise the value of your products and services and ultimately provide more reasons to stick around.

Our Commercial Video Production Services

Brafton staffs in-house script writers, producers, videographers and editors who work directly
with content strategists to ensure videos are used effectively in a marketing strategy.

Our professional production teams have hands-on experience with the latest and greatest
video-editing software and camera equipment, as well as access to an on-site studio and a
network of on-screen talent. We also staff animators who create 2D and 3D animations in lieu
of or as complements to your video advertising strategy.

Brafton videographers, animators, video editors and production crews specialise in creating compelling, high-quality corporate videos that serve your commercial and marketing production goals.

With our help, your organisation can create broadcast-quality visual content without taking on high video production costs. Brafton’s video services cover the entire spectrum of corporate video productions:

  • Develop a creative concept.
  • Create a storyboard.
  • Shoot new footage on location or in our video production studio.
  • Splice together existing footage.
  • Add visual effects.
  • Record voiceovers and other audio.

From concept development to final cut, our streamlined workflows significantly reduce the turnaround time for the video production process. You can start reaping the benefits of corporate video content as quickly as possible.

Once your video is completed, our full-service online marketing services help you maximise your return on investment (ROI), using social media advertising best practices to get your content in front of the largest audience possible.

Video Ads

A branded video ad informs, entertains and inspires your audience. It builds awareness through visual storytelling, engaging footage and polished editing.

At Brafton, our videographers can write, produce, shoot, edit and distribute online video ads that will help your company make a great first impression with potential customers.

Corporate Promos

A corporate promo is like a video ad but with a greater focus on the people and the corporate values that drive an organisation.

Rather than putting products and services front and centre, footage focuses more on employees at work, in their communities or with customers. Our experienced production crew and camera operators know how to get the best performance out of anyone in front of the camera, turning your corporate videos into effective recruiting tools and advertising assets.

Explainer Videos

These highly informative, instructive and useful videos can range from short and sweet how-to animation videos to 10-minute whiteboard presentations that teach your audience everything they need to know about a particular subject. Increase brand awareness and introduce your organisation to a wider audience with these amazing educational tools.

Explainer videos can be live-action, video-animated or a combination thereof, and can be used to support any type of marketing campaign – from building brand awareness to helping existing customers solve their problems.

On-Site Filming

Brafton’s videographers, producers and presenters can be wherever you need them to be, ready to record live footage and audio for your next corporate video shoot. We scout shooting sites, source on-screen talent, conduct interviews and more.

From filming an industrial video that demonstrates your manufacturing prowess, to covering a conference or product launch, our veteran videographers have done it all.

Animated Videos and Motion Graphics

Some concepts are more challenging than others to represent through live video. But there is almost nothing Brafton’s highly creative motion graphics team cannot bring to life.

Our passionate animators can use 2D and 3D motion graphics to tell stories, explain the features of a product or service, demonstrate complex concepts and much more.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are the documentaries of video production: They give satisfied customers a chance to tell their stories on camera. This engaging content draws attention to your brand’s core value adds, highlighting the work you’ve done to help past customers.

At Brafton, we can create video testimonials from scratch, including conducting and filming interviews with your customers, or we can splice together existing footage.

Product Demos

Video is a great way to show your products and services in action. You can use visual storytelling to demonstrate specific features and differentiators that are too complicated or less impactful when conveyed through copy. Product demos and training videos are excellent tools to help either educate your core customer base or improve internal comms and professional development.

Whether you want to create an introductory video for new customers, e-learning resources for your staff, or step-by-step product tutorials for every aspect of your product or service, our videographers and animators can help.

Brafton’s Video Production Process

Brafton’s team of in-house project managers and video production experts will begin by seeking to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and the desired outcomes of your commercial video. We’ll systematically and holistically consider how the video production fits the broader campaign efforts and strategise accordingly. 

Based on an in-depth understanding of your video needs, we’ll then proceed to scripting and storyboarding. It’s during this stage that Brafton’s video production writers and designers will begin to piece together a narrative that aligns with your brand messaging and campaign objectives. 

Following your approval of the direction of the marketing asset, we’ll then proceed to production — the nature of which is largely dependent on the type of video you’re looking to create. Whether you opt for an animation or a live action video, our team is equipped with the latest technology and a network of talented professionals to bring your vision to life.

Once production is a wrap, our editors will then mould the content, ensuring that your commercial video adheres to the highest quality standards. And should you need help to promote your video, we have the expertise available to assist in distribution optimisation as well — working to maximise your video’s potential, yielding a significant ROI. 

Given our expansive in-house expertise and proven systems, we’re able to cater to your bespoke video needs, irrespective of size and scale. 

Commercial video production boosts your brand's digital marketing strategy.

Bring Your Brand to Life With Video Marketing

From a B2C advertising campaign to a niche whiteboard video for industry experts, video’s versatility knows no bounds.

Our video production team and animators can help you achieve your latest marketing objectives and commercial goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial video services and how we can help bring your brand’s creative vision to life.

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