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How Local SEO Works

Local SEO is exactly what it sounds like: SEO for a specific geographic region.

Just because it’s geared toward a smaller subset of customers does not mean it’s less important or less time-intensive than a broader, more conventional SEO campaign.

Local SEO strategy in many respects boils down to optimising your existing online brand within Google apps and increasing your total reach across relevant web directory listings. The cumulative effect is greater relevance and presence in Google search.

As the majority of commerce migrates to the web, your company’s digital footprint is even more important than its physical storefront. Local SEO boosts your organisation’s online visibility so search queries and leads are continuously in touch with your locations, products, services and differentiators.

You can think of local SEO as being everywhere your local customers need you to be — all at once.

In this sense, every organisation, from a small business to a global conglomerate, can benefit from a deeper, larger foothold in their geographic markets. In general, companies that sell physical products or that have physical storefronts are most ideally suited for a comprehensive local SEO strategy.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Organic local search rankings have an enormous impact on whether your company is visible online and how much traffic you can expect to generate.

While the core tenets of SEO apply in principle, local SEO follows subtly different practices because the ranking factors in play are weighted differently in the eyes of search engines including Google and Bing.

Industry studies have shown the top local organic search rankings that should influence your marketing campaigns are:

  • On-page signals: 32%
  • Link signals: 31%
  • Behavioral signals: 10%
  • Personalization: 7%
  • Google My Business signals: 7%
  • Citations: 6%
  • Reviews: 6%

An investigation of these correlations reveals that local SEO services must be tailored to user preferences, because positive reviews and social commentary have an outsized impact on your site’s ranking potential. In terms of local SEO best practices, the above ranking factors are a great starting point on which to build your next local SEO campaign.

Improve Brand Visibility and Sales With Brafton Local SEO Services

Brafton is an SEO agency with deep SEO expertise that allows your company to appear in local business listings, Google Maps and Google SERPs – all within the same SEO strategy.

Our SEO expert strategists and consultants craft campaigns to capitalise on your organisation’s near- and long-term commercial opportunities, pushing your digital presence forward every day with local SEO that converts.

Investment in local SEO led by Brafton’s local SEO experts pays off in the form of greater search engine presence, shortening the time from impression to conversion.

Here’s a quick rundown of expert SEO services you can expect from your Brafton team:

  • Google My Business optimisation.
  • Local SEO audit.
  • Local citation building and management.
  • Local keyword strategy.
  • Local link building.
  • Brand monitoring.
  • Reputation management.
  • Localised content creation.
  • Localised site copy refreshes.
  • Localised metadata analysis and optimisation.
  • Targeted link building.
  • NAP (name, address, phone number) verification.
  • Customer review solicitation and response.
  • Mobile optimisation.
  • Structured data markup.
  • Business directory optimisation.
  • Google Maps ads.
  • Google Posts publishing.
  • On-page optimisation.
  • Local Google ads.
  • Keyword research for local intent searchers.

Brafton search engine ranking services are fully customisable to your company’s unique needs, today and tomorrow. Our local SEO service can be purchased together as part of a larger SEO campaign, or contracted à la carte over time.

As your target demographic, industry or products change, our services evolve right alongside them, ensuring your local SEO strategy is agile to the behaviour and local area of your target customer.

From Page 1 of Google to Checkout

We take a methodical, data-led approach to engineering SEO victories, and that often starts with optimising your brand across Google’s suite of interconnected applications. We look at every relevant local search result to identify where to invest resources.

Google automatically exports the business data from your Google My Business account to a number of other important online marketing channels, including:

  • Google Maps.
  • Local 3-packs.
  • Knowledge panels.
  • Google Posts.
  • SERP carousels.

That said, the proper transfer and population of this information – addresses, services, number of locations, etc. – is only possible if your Google My Business listing is appropriately claimed, set up and optimised. If a Google Map of your location shows incorrect information, it will mislead searchers and push prospects out of the funnel. We ensure this never happens to your business.

With Brafton, every Google SERP effectively serves as the front door to your business. When searchers need you, they find you — and it all starts with mapping the local intent of your audience to a relevant local listing your brand owns.

Partner with Experienced Local SEO Specialists

SEO is really an omnichannel initiative, especially in the local realm.

Because signals from social media, inbound links and online business directory listings all influence SEO results, you need an agency that’s versed in all of these practices. That includes the strategy to plan campaigns, the coordination to execute them, and the talent to improve your projects and see them come to life – all in one local SEO package.

Brafton’s SEO expertise is complemented by technical support from our web developers, ideation and creation from our multidisciplinary creative departments, and real-time, end-to-end accountability from project managers.

Our local SEO marketing services are organised and run by an in-house team so you can access strategy, assets and analytics through a single point of contact across the entire spectrum of your SEO package. Each local SEO specialist on our team is well-versed in Google Analytics, search engine marketing best practices and more, giving you the best opportunity for success. With Brafton, there’s no need to juggle multiple vendors, outsourced contractors or unvetted freelancers – everything’s done in a cohesive, collaborative workflow you can trust.

What’s more, you have the confidence of knowing that your local search engine ranking improvements are backed by Brafton expert consultants who are versed in the latest local SEO tips and best practices. This means that all ranking factors including directory listings, positive reviews, and social media signals from Twitter, Facebook and other social channels are incorporated into our local search engine process.

Local SEO, Big Results

Traditional SEO companies may only be proficient in old-school search engine ranking queries and nothing else.

At Brafton, SEO strategies can be localised, but their results are supersized. Using the most advanced digital marketing tools and your own Google Analytics account, we can plan, execute and optimise SEO campaigns from scratch, refining every process along the way to maximise ROI.

Up and down the sales funnel, and throughout the customer journey, your dedicated team drives results. From conception to creation to conversion, the full lifecycle of your content marketing is managed and optimised for the qualified leads you intend to earn. This translates to cold, hard return on investment.

Empower your local business to outcompete bigger players in the market with local SEO pricing you can afford.

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