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Yvonne Ivanescu will be the first to tell you that making mistakes is part of starting a business. Like the time she spent hundreds of dollars to create patterns for her company’s bikinis, only to learn that printing those patterns on fabric was wildly cost-prohibitive.

She’ll also tell you that it can be agonizing work. Case in point, she spent 2 whole months just picking brand colors — not to mention, a year and a half learning how to start a business, and another 6 months conducting competitor research. Let’s not also forget all the canceled photoshoots, courtesy of COVID-19, and all the back and forth with her manufacturer on the topic of butt coverage.

So why would someone with an otherwise successful career in marketing and podcasting put themselves through the wringer like this? What’s it all for?

In this episode of Above the Fold, Francis and Jeff get some insight into the entrepreneurial mindset from Yvonne, founder and owner of Now in Rio Swim, an ethical swimwear company based in Lisbon.

It’s an honest look at the trials and tribulations — but also the bootstrapping brilliance — of a highly relatable entrepreneur.

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