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Email marketing is one of many techniques to consider within the content marketing realm. High-quality blogs, creative videos and a strong social media presence are just a few of the ways you can pique your target audiences’ interest, bring in organic website traffic and get people to convert. Email marketing is just as valuable, and can help you generate massive ROI. 

In fact, according to a report by Cheetah Digital, email is 228% more effective than both paid social and display advertising in Australia. On a global scale, this is upward of 120%.  

The stats don’t lie — but just how valuable can email marketing be for your organisation? Read on to learn about the benefits of email marketing, plus what it’s like to outsource email marketing campaigns and strategy to an agency. 

Why Invest in Email Marketing? Here are the Benefits

Instead of dedicating your time to an email marketing strategy that may produce optimal results, invest in email marketing. Working with a dedicated team of professionals who understand how valuable an email strategy can be will help you reach those bottom-line goals you’ve been dreaming of. Here are a few of the many benefits of investing in an email marketing strategy:

  1. Grow leads. With email marketing, you get a direct line of connection with leads. This increases your chances of nurturing them properly and turning them into new and return customers.  
  2. Increase brand awareness. When you create fun email subject lines, preview text and copy, it’s memorable. When you send information that’s informative, it makes you a trustworthy source. A solid email marketing agency will take the time to get to know your target audience so that they can craft emails that pack a punch appropriately. 
  3. Personalise your content. Sending targeted messages to your readers is a simple way to increase your chance of a conversion. Personalised emails are the result of customer segmentation and marketing automation, two things an email marketing agency can organise and implement for you. 
  4. Increase sales. Creating emails with deals and discount codes can encourage more people to complete a transaction. Additionally, research published in the Australian Email Benchmark Report found that organisations that invested 20% or more of their marketing budget on email were 8x more likely to see a 50% increase in sales.
  5. Strengthen and maintain relationships with potential customers and existing customers. No matter what your brand is all about, it’s important that you create content that showcases your brand as a thought leader. An email strategy can help you create and distribute content regularly, which can ultimately help your readers develop more trust in your brand and continue coming back for more. 
  6. Promote your products and services. Email is a great mode of transportation for advertising. An email marketing service can help you create email blasts and campaigns to promote new products and services. 
  7. Guide traffic to your website. A strong email marketing campaign includes shared links that redirect readers to your website. Keeping your emails connected to your website and your social media accounts can help you convert faster. 
  8. Gain metrics with valuable insights. With a strategy in place, you gain insightful metrics that guide the way the rest of your email marketing strategy goes. Analytics that will give you a closer look into what your target audience responds well to include open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates and bounce rates.   
  9. Get people back in their carts. An email marketing strategy can introduce you to the specific techniques and phrasing used to create email campaigns for card abandonment. 
  10. Save time across the board. The amount of time and effort that goes into a self-made email marketing strategy — or one controlled by email marketing software — can be a lot of work. And unfortunately, this won’t get you the same results as a strategy built by an email marketing agency. Working with an agency will introduce you to all of the tools and resources to generate a strategy that boosts your ROI.  

What It’s Like Being a Client Who Works With an Email Marketing Agency

Working closely with a team of individuals with the knowledge and skill to produce effective email marketing strategies will help you reach your target audience on a different level. If you’re currently on the fence between self-taught email marketing or hiring an email or content marketing agency, consider the following scenarios to lean toward the latter:

  • You haven’t taken the plunge with email marketing yet; you’re ready to start with a blank slate.
  • You have a subscriber list, but you haven’t seen any growth.
  • Your engagement rates are less than impressive.
  • You don’t have the appropriate skill, resources or time to craft strategic email marketing campaigns.

Hiring a digital marketing agency can help you feel more comfortable and confident about your marketing efforts and the way you approach your target audience. Email marketing experts are in tune with the importance of developing personas and segmenting your audience. These initial steps will fuel the rest of the email campaign and increase website traffic and conversions.

Some of the services you can expect from an email marketing agency include:

  • Market research.
  • Email list creation and subscriber encouragement. 
  • Lead funnel creation.
  • Persona development.
  • Email content creation.
  • Opt-in form creation and optimisation.
  • Audience segmentation.
  • Email marketing campaign creation and execution.
  • Template design, creation and implementation.
  • Data analytics and measuring results. 

What to Expect Out of Email Marketing Services 

If you’re on the fence about investing in email marketing services because you’re leaning toward an email marketing platform, make sure to consider the big differences. While both techniques can help you reach those bottom-line goals, email marketing software may be more limited in opportunity and more difficult to navigate on your own.

Trusting in an email marketing company to create effective email marketing services puts time back in your schedule to focus on your craft. Marketing experts who provide digital marketing services involved with email can give you peace of mind that you’ll see the results of highly targeted campaigns over time. 

Best Email Marketing Agencies in Australia 

Investing in email marketing services and forming a partnership with an agency can work wonders for your business. Here are some of the best email marketing agencies in Australia to consider.

1. Brafton

You know we couldn’t leave our name off of the list. At Brafton, we take pride in our ability to refine your targeted audience and work alongside your brand expectations to create data-driven email marketing campaigns that deliver. We have a variety of services that are capable of helping you increase brand awareness and website traffic, generate leads and intrigue your audience about products and services. We’ll take care of everything from the initial strategy blueprint and persona development, to writing killer email content and measuring results that fuel the next campaign. 

2. No Limit Email

An email marketing collective that focuses specifically on eCommerce brands, No Limit Email focuses its business objective on delivering great work and making your business grow. From the strategic analysis of your products, services and target audience, to the scheduling, writing and designing or weekly emails, No Limit Email is confident in its ability to help your backend sales grow and increase the amount of repeat buyers you meet. 

3. Megaphone Marketing 

An integrated communications company located in South Yarra, Australia, Megapone Marketing provides a variety of different services designed to help you increase brand awareness and convert leads. Its email marketing experts implement writing best practices and technical expertise into email copy with the motivation to make your brand stand out in any inbox. 

4. Soup Agency

As one of Sydney’s leading independent digital marketing agencies, Soup Agency is made up of a team of professional, experienced copywriters, paid media specialists, analytics professionals and designers who work side-by-side to create unique and engaging marketing collateral. The team will create emails that match your brand style and tone, then deploy targeted campaigns to get the right emails delivered to the right people at the right time. 

Working with an email marketing agency may be the next step on your journey to success. Are you ready to trust the process? 

At Brafton, we can help businesses of all sizes create a powerful content solution that effectively captures leads. 

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And once you’re ready to talk email marketing, we can get a plan in place that takes your brand name to the next level.