Matthew Kaplan

As a Brafton editor, I like to think that quality content writing and SEO guidance sells itself. Since this isn’t always the case, it’s crucial that our sales and editorial teams connect about what goes on in our respective departments to give potential clients an honest portrayal of what they can expect from us, starting right from the initial pitch. 

Editorial teams may not consider the importance of sales pitches, but knowing what has been promised to clients before they start is essential to ongoing relationships. At Brafton, ensuring writers and editors are not operating in department silos is vital to ensuring that they receive what they signed up for. The more editorial knows what sales is saying about our capabilities, the better able we are at meeting client expectations. When communication lines are open, everybody wins.

But how can a potential client know that what’s promised at the point of sale is actually to be trusted?

Here are four ways I think Brafton sets itself apart from the “pushy salesman” connotation, and rises as a premium content marketing partner:  

1) How much can they tell you about your business? Research is key

The amount of research and background knowledge that the sales team obtains prior to each call must be outstanding, especially considering how many different types of potential clients they speak to on a daily basis.  

A sale is about more than closing, as we seek to create long-term sustainable relationships with our clients.

My specialty at Brafton is technology and IT, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the type of content we write about company-wide each day. It’s critical a sale rep thoroughly understands what potential clients do and what their industries are like. More, they should understand what the company is trying to achieve online and be able to articulate what they see as unique value props. After all, a prospect will have little faith in a writer’s ability to understand their field if sales cannot do just that. Preliminary research and listening, perhaps, are the most important things Brafton’s business development executives do on a sales call.

2) How do they come up with content recommendations? Success is in the specifics

Content marketing needs vary in every industry and with every client, and our sales team takes pride in listening carefully to determine what the best approach is in every situation. It’s a major red flag if a consultant tries to give you a canned response about what content you need without first asking what you’re trying to achieve online.

By sitting down with our sales teams, I’ve learned from the very first phone call that Brafton executives offer unique, premium strategies that are reflective of a company’s specific goals.

Sales and editorial for content marketing
Brafton sales executives and editors walk through a client demo.

3) Are they afraid to say no? Honesty drives sustainable relationships 

Every sales pitch provides the client with a very realistic portrayal of what they can expect from Brafton, and that I think is vitally important. Sure, we can provide a lot of great services and benefits to clients, but they need to have a realistic portrait of what the partnership involves and what is actually required on both sides. A sale is about more than closing, as we seek to create long-term sustainable relationships with our clients. As such, our sales team makes sure potential clients have an honest expectation of exactly what they’re getting from us, how everything works internally and what we can and cannot do for them.

4) Does it seem too easy? Soliciting details upfront saves time and resource later

No detail is too small for the sales team to mention and hone in on during a call, whether it’s how to fill out a preliminary service questionnaire or who should be involved in technical integration calls. As the old saying goes, “the devil is in the details,” and our sales team takes this to heart. Sometimes it’s the smallest detail that can make the biggest difference later on in a relationship, and our sales team’s understanding of this point is reflected in their focus on the nitty gritty, before and after a sale is completed.

Brafton’s sales team acts as the lifeblood of our development, helping us grow to new heights every day and quarter.