Molly Buccini

For the third consecutive year, Inc. has announced content marketing agency Brafton Inc. among the top 5000 fastest growing private companies in North America. The honor is a reflection of our 2013 earnings, which exceeded 21 million in revenue, and The List is designed to identify those companies that have had a role in defining their industries.

“To make the Inc. List once is an achievement. To make it twice is exceptional. To be a three-time honoree is extraordinary,” says CEO Richard Pattinson.  “Since 2008 we have strived to be the industry standard bearer for best-in-class digital content and content marketing consultancy. Please allow me to extend my gratitude to everyone at Brafton who has worked so hard to contribute to this superb accomplishment.”

So how did we do it? Through a lot of hard work and full commitment to delivering strategies and exceptional content that delivers our customers’ results. In the past year, we’ve doubled our thriving video team, entered new partnerships for social analytics on content that “engages” and onboarded more than 96 additional members to our full-time editorial staff. These accomplishments helped us achieve 289 percent growth in three years.

Teammates and clients who have been with our company throughout its meteoric rise have seen Brafton’s growth benefits first hand. Here are just a few reflections from the Brafton community on this momentous accomplishment:

“In the past 3 years, the scope of Brafton’s offerings has increased exponentially and shows no signs of slowing, which brings a level of excitement to the job I’ve rarely felt elsewhere.” – Francis Ma, VP of Content

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“One of the most exciting developments has been Brafton’s expansion into new media formats and all the creative teammates who come with it. Our writing, video and graphic departments cater to customers’ needs and market demand, while also creating a work environment where people can learn from so many different talents. I love working with this growing cast of characters.” – Katherine Griwert, Marketing Director

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“We have always been a proactive and innovative company but I think one of the key reasons we’ve continued to thrive is we’ve stayed ahead of a market that has significantly matured over the last few years. The evolution of our product offerings speaks for itself and is a testament to our culture – we do everything it takes to be number one in the content marketing space.” – Ryan Collier, Database Marketing Director

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“In two years, the Brafton Video Department matured from one cameraman into two large production teams in Boston and Chicago, offering a wide variety of high end animation, on-location, and studio productions.” – Perry Leenhouts, Video Product Director

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“​Content marketing as an industry has come a long way since I started in January 2011, and Brafton has been in a non-stop sprint to keep up with changes to search, industry best practices and consumers’ needs. It’s definitely a fast-paced environment here, so it’s no surprise that we keep popping up on the Inc. list. Our creative teams are capable of producing everything from expert white papers to dynamic videos to engaging graphics, and even while heightening the quality we’ve been able to maintain the flexibility and relatively fast turnaround that our oldest clients have come to know and expect.” – Rebecca Bakken, Senior Editor

Gup1 (2) new “Brafton shows creativity not just in the project, but in the process itself. There is a synergy between our companies that’s almost cultural.” – Client Mary Kirkman, Director of Marketing Programs, Appian

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“[We gave the Brafton] team a lot of freedom to make it work … and conceptually everything was nailed. We definitely got the response we were looking for.” – Client Michael Sabia, Vice President of Marketing, From You Flowers



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