CADD Edge is a reseller of SolidWorks 3D CAD Design Software, Objet 3D Printers and more. The company offers value to its clients through SolidWorks and design process expertise. Brafton helps them establish and promote this expertise on the web through regular industry news content marketing to attract and convert readers.

In this testimonial video, CADD Edge Director of Marketing Brad Edmond talks about the SEO consultancy, premium content and conversion optimization strategies he receives from Brafton. He also shares insights on the measurable results of content (organic traffic has tripled!) and how content sets his brand apart online:

Here’s one notable quote from Brad:

There’s a lot of research and editorial quality that goes into the content that Brafton develops for us. They understand us, they understand our business and they understand our prospects and customers – and you can’t get that out of the box.