Experience.com partnered with Brafton to develop website content and nurture a more robust web presence. The company provides a meeting place for college graduates and employers, and a content marketing strategy from Brafton helps Experience.com reach its target audiences more effectively.

Chief Strategy Officer Ed Wagner describes how Brafton developed a strong understanding of his company, and the types of content that would appeal to his prospects. As the relationship has evolved, Experience.com has increased its ecommerce activity and become an established authority in the online job search community.

Here’s an insight from Ed on the services Brafton delivers:

We needed a strategic partner that understood how to do content marketing better than we did, and that could execute and provide advice on channel mix, on message, on content. We needed that advice in an integrated way. Brafton provided that to us … Our direct sales are higher and the deals that we’re doing today are larger than the deals we did a year ago.