Molly Buccini

Meet Hollie. She’s a senior content marketing strategist in our Chicago office, and she’s known for bringing a high level of detail to each client’s strategy – from “small mom and pop shops to huge corporations.” Her success stems from what she describes as her “true desire to learn more within the industry.”

Joining the Brafton team in early 2013, Hollie said she was attracted to the strategist position immediately because she saw the opportunity to “use a logical approach to creating different types of content and best leveraging them for our clients.”

“Content marketing is a relatively young field, so there’s always new industry updates coming out,” she said. “Google algorithm updates, staying on top of new media trends and more is crucial for a new strategist – but it’s fun too, so I definitely recommend it!”

One of the things she most loves about Brafton? The camaraderie she feels with her fellow strategists, and how she feels appreciated by peers and managers for her unique contributions.

“Brafton is really good about setting goals unique to the individual,” she said. “I’m not going to be held necessarily to the exact same standards as a co-worker because my skillset or my performance may be different. That said, there’s a lot of support within the group, so if I ever need strategy support, they’re instantly at my side and helping me”

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