Lauren Perrodin

You’ve probably heard that some people predominantly use the left side of their brain and others the right. The right is considered the creative, thoughtful side, while the left is considered the analytical, rational side.

Laura Leone uses both sides to the fullest!

Thanks to her incredible drive and creative insight, she’s excelled as a Project Manager (PM) at Brafton and helped both the people she works with and the accounts she works on succeed.

Straighten Up and Fly…Left!

Graduating from Quinnipiac University with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Integrated Communications plus a minor in Art, young Laura had a world of opportunities ahead of her. Holding more interest at first in her art minor, she initially pursued a career as a graphic designer.

Her first agency position was at a small startup. They tapped her when they realized a need for another project manager, and Laura stood out because of her organized work ethic. Sitting on the fence now as both a graphic designer and a project manager, she found she needed to choose a side: left or right.

“My first job was as a graphic designer at a very small agency, and as that agency grew we needed a project manager for the design team and they thought I was the most organized on the team, so I became a designer/PM hybrid. After a few years of doing that I realized I wanted to be a full-time PM and that’s when I found Brafton.”

Transitioning from being on the creative team to the PM team proved to be more exciting and interesting to her.

“I definitely am a “Type A” personality, so all of the organizational and administrative tasks that come with being a Project Manager that some people may consider tedious are actually very satisfying to me.”

A Born Project Manager

When she was looking for her next agency to launch her career as a PM, she was searching for a company that would give her the chance “to work internally with creative teams on client projects, and the PM department at Brafton was a perfect fit.”

While Brafton gives her the chance to work with different clients and each day is different, Laura says her favorite part of the job is the team.

“My favorite part of my job is working across our internal teams, everyone is so talented and smart and I love delivering their great work to my clients.”

Laura shines so well as she navigates through client interactions knowing that she’s working with a team of creatives she really believes in.

Herding Cats…and People

Laura also loves the freedom of working from home because it gives her a chance to spend time with Zoey. While Laura puts in requests and pokes at work, Zoey, her sweet, furry feline roommate, demands morning workouts before Laura signs in.

“If she doesn’t get her morning energy out she will meow through all of my morning meetings!” Laura says.

Managing people might come easily to Laura because she has a keen dedication to leading all other parts of her life — including Zoey! Over the past year, she has even been trying to — and “semi-successfully” — teach Zoey how to sit.

Navigating More Than the PM Landscape

When Laura isn’t rocking through a client meeting, helping a content writer with a project or coaching Zoey through another training session, you can find Laura out in the wild. The greater Boston area offers more than just a fun cityscape and distinctive accents.

“I started exploring more local hiking spots in the greater Boston area since quarantine began, there’s a lot more nature around here than you would think!”

New England isn’t cold weather and gray skies all year. After the snow dries up and the clouds open up, it becomes a beautiful, lush, green landscape. So, when she’s not in lockdown or dodging global pandemics, Laura is often enjoying her shortened summer hours out on the water.

“In the summer I try to get outside as much as possible — especially if water is involved. I love swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, or just being near the water.”

On a normal day, Laura does a little bit of everything to keep her creative flow moving.

“Work at home has let me really step up my extravagant breakfast game. I wake up early to give myself time to have a leisurely morning listening to podcasts, drinking coffee and making breakfast — avocado toast and pizza eggs (re-heated veggie pizza with an over-easy egg on top) are two of my favorites. Inside the house, I love cooking, reading, drawing, and trying to keep my plants alive.”

Laura has mastered the art of balancing both sides of life.