Natalie Bispham

Who says a biology major can’t nail it in the world of content creation? Just ask our senior writer, Ben Crosby. He’s taken his love for the sciences, mixed it with a knack for storytelling and discovered the sweet spot here at Brafton.

Having hopped on board in December 2021, Ben’s been quite the force in our editorial department. He’s writing and editing throughout the day, dabbling in client interactions and making a huge difference to our team.

Finding His Voice in the Written Word

Talk to Ben about his favourite pieces to write, and you’re in for a curveball. “I love working with a client in dental technology,” he admits with a chuckle. “They were one of my first clients at Brafton and they’re just genuinely nice to work with. Plus, it gives me a chance to get creative and even crack a few dental puns.” Here are some:

  • “Drill into the untapped potential of digital dentistry”
  • “Smart technology that gets to the root of the matter”
  • “Filling the cavities in your digital dental ecosystem”

Oh, we see what you’re doing, Ben. Now for a pun to make you ‘grin’ … ‘brace’ yourself …

Just kidding, the pressure is too high now. Moving on …

What brought a biology major to the world of wordsmithing in the first place? Ben confessed to always having a love for writing, penning short stories and novels in his notebooks. “My high school English and literature classes kindled my interest,” he shared.

However, it wasn’t until college that he saw writing as a career path. Balancing his biology major with a creative writing minor, he found himself drawn to the blend of originality and formality. “I even tried my hand at poetry, but then I picked a writing-intensive class where I learned how to write scientific research reports.”

A Pen For Petri Dishes

His first taste of professional writing came during an internship at the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, where he edited student research papers. That’s where he had his lightbulb moment — not all scientists are writers, and there’s a role to be played in bridging that gap.

With a firm footing in the writing world, Ben transitioned into freelance copywriting and eventually found his way to Brafton. He has since become a key player in our writing team, often using his science background to help communicate complex biotech and pharmaceutical topics. “Even though only some of my clients are in the life sciences industry, it’s really fun to pull from my previous knowledge and turn it into something more creative.”

Crafting Words in a Digital Landscape

Working remotely, Ben enjoys the balance between having the space to focus on his work and the ability to interact with his team when needed. He loves Brafton’s culture of connectivity, allowing him to build relationships with his co-workers, despite the distance. “I’m an introvert through and through, but I like checking in with my colleagues through our group chat, throwing a joke here and there”.

Moreover, another one of the joys of working at Brafton for Ben is the sense of purpose he finds in his work. Helping clients in the life sciences industry communicate their findings or highlight their products, which often have a broader impact on society, is incredibly rewarding for him.

When asked about recent achievements, Ben humbly points to the positive feedback he regularly receives from clients. But it’s clear that he brings more than just well-written content to the table — he provides expertise and a perspective that’s uniquely his own. 

Where Passion Meets Profession

Ben’s journey has been a masterclass in embracing the unconventional. The biology major-turned-writer who gets a kick out of dental puns has had an extraordinary outcome.

“At first, I suffered from so much imposter syndrome, doubting that my skills were applicable beyond the realm of scientific reports. But when I realized how integral writing was to every industry it was a breakthrough moment.”

Undoubtedly, Ben’s story is a testament to the power of determination, the impact of knowing your strengths and the magic that happens when you follow your passion. So here’s to Ben Crosby: the scientist, the storyteller, the punster and so much more.

“As long as you have the drive to write, you’re able to. I think that works in a lot of areas; just find ways to take your current skills and reshape them to the role you want and you’re golden.”That is how Ben found himself exactly where he’s meant to be — and you can, too.