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For many of our copywriters, stringing words together creatively isn’t a choice. It’s a deep, abiding itch. The kind that only gets fiercer the more you scratch it. If we weren’t doing this, we’d probably be scrawling messages on cafe windows with our fingers, suggesting how “cappucino” might fit a haiku. 

Kim Mehrtens has felt the pull of beautiful language throughout her life. At Brafton, she gets to twist and test her skills on every creative brief, helping clients soar above the competition. But, you can see her touch on several of our other writers too. 

“I started out as a content writer a couple of years ago,” she tells us. “I really love writing and wanted to pivot from my last job into a more editorial-focused position. From there, I was promoted to Senior Writer, which allowed me to work on more challenging pieces of content and become an SME expert for education clients. I’m really proud of that work. These days, though, I’m an Editorial Manager.” 

Kim beams. Her smile is as memorable as her vocabulary. In fact, they share a few traits — both are wide, sunny and make you feel like anything is possible. 

A Spinning Creative Compass 

As soon as she could hold a pencil, Kim felt the thrill of telling a story her way. As is the case with countless Braftonites, she cut her teeth on epic tales and writing in her free time.

“As a kid, I would take turns sharing the family computer to write my own fantasy novels and movie scripts. Once I started working in the creative fields across different industries, I dabbled in other content — including graphic design and animation — but I always knew I’d go back to writing full time.” 

Agency life, she says, throws you into a fast-paced environment with similar people. It’s demanding, inspiring and rewarding — just how she likes it. Yet, Kim wouldn’t be as valuable to our team without her commercial background, too. 

“Before Brafton,” she explains, “I was sort of a jack-of-all-trades communications and PR specialist. I worked for higher education institutions, such as Northeastern University and the University of Miami to create editorial content, run social media strategy, lead graphic design projects and facilitate outreach. It was exciting to practice my artistic side and PR knowledge, but I craved more editorial work. That’s when I started looking for writing positions in Boston and found Brafton on LinkedIn.”

She consistently enjoys molding new writers and watching them grow into their positions. Imagine a mother hen with a novel tucked away in the coop. That’s Kim, basically. 

Life@ Kimberly Mehrtens quote

More Pursuits Color Her Agency Work

Reading (and editing) between the lines isn’t the be-all, end-all for Kim’s artist spirit. In her free time, she’s just as visually minded. 

“I love creating art, whether that’s through painting, sewing or Adobe Creative Cloud. At one point, my sister and I co-created a film review website which I helped as the social media manager and illustrator. This is the Instagram account. We went on hiatus when I moved to Boston and she moved to DC, but there’s always hope we’ll get back at it again! I love all the illustrations I completed back then, but this one and this one are two of my favorites.”

As you might have guessed, Kim is a bloodhound for movies and TV. For 2 years, she’s spearheaded a weekly movie and TV night with her friends. Those larger-than-life characters going through drama, hijinks and the odd explosion keep her creative mind whirring. Beyond the screen, she similarly likes to flex her creative muscle. 

“I also have a long-running Dungeons & Dragons group that has been meeting since 2018,” she says. “It’s all about communication, problem-solving and creative improv — a tried-and-true recipe for success at Brafton.” 

Kim’s magic glimmers across our team. We couldn’t be happier to have her shepherding blogs, emails, landing pages and long-form content toward incredible engagement. That’s never a fantasy. Brafton’s clients have an absolute all-rounder for writing that smashes expectations and cuts to the quick of why a business is special. 

We’re looking forward to Kim’s next masterclass as she absorbs more wisdom on the job. Whatever’s coming, we know this — impeccable writing will never be a roll of the dice.