Stevie Snow

Did you meet Brafton’s charity of the year? Crash course refresh: Family Reach is the incredible nonprofit that helps families fighting cancer overcome the financial hurdles that come with the journey. We donate our content creation services to help the nonprofit reach cancer patients and their families nationwide.

Read on for some updates on our recent work with Family Reach:

Fun(draisers) in the office

Brafton’s Boston team recently celebrated opening day at Fenway Park with some baseball fun in the office. For a $3 donation, Red Sox fans proudly wore their jerseys and hats. Fans of other teams boldly wore their gear.

At lunchtime, everyone enjoyed Dollar Dogs – a steal compared to Fenway prices.

The hot dogs were such a hit, the Boston team is crossing its fingers for a repeat of this event. Memorial Day cookout in the office, anyone?

All $166 raised from opening day festivities are going straight to Family Reach. Other numbers that are cause for celebration:

  • The Valentine’s Day candy gram sales raised $400.
  • The March Madness bracket contest raised $135.
  • With an end-of-year goal of $2,000, we’re already about 35 percent of the way there!

Thanks to our savvy social team, Brafton continues to get creative with our fundraising efforts. There will be plenty more to come on this front as we work toward that $2,000 mark.

How are ya, Camille?

Back in December, the team at Brafton’s Boston office got crafty for the holidays. We made Christmas cards for Camille, a strong and totally charismatic 15-year-old who’s battling cancer.

The team at Family Reach recently sent us some updates on Camille’s journey:

  • She loved our cards – and was gracious enough not to comment on any poor artistic skills.
  • She’s still recovering from surgery but is back at school! (On crutches no less.)
  • Her next endeavor is to start personal training in an effort to manage her fatigue.
  • A new type of chemo is turning her hair white, but her spirit remains even brighter.

Camille provides a daily dose of inspiration for anyone who crosses paths with her – including Brafton. We’re excited to be part of her journey and are looking forward to more updates from our star gal.

What’s cookin’ in the content world?

Our video team is currently in the pre-production stages for a new sizzle reel for Family Reach. This one will highlight the charity’s Cooking Live! event series.

The culinary event features celebrity chef Ming Tsai, along with his talented crew that includes Robert Bruce, Joanne Change and Barbara Lynch. They’ll prepare a multicourse dinner in a pop-up kitchen with the help of some very courageous sous-chefs: local children who are battling cancer.

Not only will attendees taste their decadent creations – they’ll get to watch them prepare the meal from start to finish. Previous attendees include Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski and the founders of Pillow Pets and Stacy’s Pita Chips. Not too shabby of a crowd, huh?

Our goal is to position Cooking Live! as a hot and spicy, you-really-gotta-go event. Plus, we want to give major brands and notable sponsors an inside look at the delectable experience, whetting their appetite with reasons to get involved.

With a fresh, engaging video, Family Reach will have a communication tool that opens the kitchen table to many key conversations.

Looking forward

Upcoming fundraisers

As far as fundraising in the office goes, Brafton’s social team plans to keep everyone involved with a new way to raise money each month.

Next up will be an ongoing spare change collection – with a healthy touch of competition of course. Each Brafton team will have its own jar for change and cash. At the end of the competition, we’ll see which team raised the most money. Editorial, design, video, social, tech, sales…who has it in them to beat the others?

Upcoming content creation

Next on the list is launching The Family Reach National Affiliate Network. This network is a coalition of nonprofits united by the shared belief that a patient’s chance of overcoming cancer shouldn’t be jeopardized by financial hurdles.

Together with the inspirational and dedicated Family Reach team, the creative and strategic gurus at Brafton have started outlining plans for the launch. Brafton’s role will be creating a toolbox of resources for Family Reach to spread the word about the new initiative.

Our goal is to create the content that empowers the network to work toward its goals. That includes one pagers and videos to raise awareness of cancer-related financial burdens and the  nonprofit organizations that can help families overcome them. Ultimately, we want to help Family Reach connect with even more patients across the country.

A spirited partnership continues

We’re officially going steady, but the excitement for our new relationship hasn’t exactly calmed down yet. The Brafton team is eager to continue its fundraising and content creation efforts.

Stay tuned to see how our partnership with Family Reach continues to flourish.