There is no single tactic that will guarantee a website a place in the top search engine results, an expert has explained.

Matt Foster, chief executive officer of search engine optimization (SEO) firm ArteWorks SEO, made his comments to the E-Commerce Times.

He explained that search engines use more than 200 factors when considering a website’s ranking, adding that to reach the top, marketers must employ a "balanced search engine strategy".

Despite the often-repeated myth that SEO relies entirely on keyword density, such phrases should not be stuffed into articles, Mr Foster continued.

"Create your web content for human readers and write it so it makes sense to them. Whatever you do, avoid key phrase repetition, a known spamming technique sure to get you into trouble," he urged.

Google warns that filling a site with keywords can cause a negative user experience and damaging a site’s ranking.

It advises marketers to create information-rich content which will be useful to the reader.

This will allow keywords to be used appropriately, the search engine giant explains.