Both mobile and video are emerging platforms that search engine optimization (SEO) experts are beginning to take advantage of. Now, Blinx aims to combine the two platforms via a new mobile video search website.

Blinx’s new website, announced on Wednesday, is designed to let people watch videos through their mobile devices. The mobile site will be viewable on any smartphone that has a web browser and can play MP4 files, with supported devices ranging from Apple’s iPhone to Google’s Nexus One.

While video search engines are nothing new, Blinx continues to be an innovator within the sector, implementing features such as music video searches, video screen savers, and TV trackers.

"The number of handsets that are video-enabled has reached critical mass, and combined with the prevalence of high-speed mobile networks and new flat-rate data plans, mobile video finally makes sense for both consumers and media companies," Blinkx founder and CEO Suranga Chandratillake said. "Blinkx’s extensive and varied library of shorter form, snackable video is the ideal format for consumption on-the-go."

Mobile search has been a hot topic in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry as of late. Late last year, Google purchased AdMob, a mobile ad company. The acquisition is still awaiting approval from the FTC.