For years when someone was looking for a plumber or dentist or any service professional they would head to the Yellow Pages and find the closest one, but in today’s online world many people head to the web for that information. This means that even businesses like chiropractors need to use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure they rank high in a search for their profession.

Writing at, a site for the chiropractic industry, Matt Prados says chiropractors should consider creating a blog to not only increase their search engine optimization (SEO), but to help them interact with their clients.

Prados advises chiropractors put their blog on their main site to allow the blog, and its original content, increase traffic to the business’ domain.

"I believe that it is best to have your blog and website all on one domain," he writes. "You get SEO work on your site every time you blog. You get fresh content every time you blog. And traffic to your site can visit your blog and traffic to your blog can visit your site. That is win-win."

In an article earlier this year for USA Today, Steve Strauss writes that small business owners can benefit from the use of search engine optimization (SEO) and says one of the simplest ways to increase SEO is though the creation of original content like blogs and articles.