Companies looking to increase their search engine optimization (SEO) while also presenting themselves as a leader in their field might want to consider creating a blog for their website which one writer says can give people a reason to visit the site even if they’re not initially interested in the product.

Writing for Practical eCommerce, Sarah Worsham says that with a number of free blogging services available to everyone on the web, businesses should consider using a blog to increase their visibility while also beginning a conversation with their potential customers.

If these blogs are regularly updated, Worsham says that the company will likely see an increase in its search engine optimization (SEO).

"Search engines like sites that constantly update their content. Blogging gives you an easy way to update the content on your site, while still providing something of value to people," she writes. "If you are sure to include top keywords for your industry, you’ll also have a way to build valuable links to your site."

While blogging and other Web 2.0 strategies are increasingly popular in the business world, the nation’s top CEOs appear to be behind the curve in adopting them.

According to a study last month from UberCEO, none of the Fortune 100 CEOs had a blog while only two had a Twitter account and 19 had a Facebook profile.