The real estate market has taken a hit during the recent economic downturn, but with the help of search engine optimization (SEO) some real estate agents might be able to overcome the depressed housing market.

On Top Results, a North Carolina-based online marketing company says it is adding a variety of online marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), that it hopes will help real estate agents increase their online visibility which could mean more sales.

Company owner Keith Schilling said that his background as a real estate agent should be beneficial in this new venture and says the time is ripe for this service for the housing industry.

"The current economic situation makes internet marketing essential for success in the real estate market," he said. "Because there are fewer buyers and sellers, agents need to be easily found by their local markets if they are going to continue to bring in a steady income in realty."

In addition to search engine optimization (SEO), On Top Results says it will also social media marketing and blogging to help increase traffic to real estate agents’ websites.

The real estate and rental industry is one of a growing number of sectors that are embracing search engine optimization (SEO) to help increase visibility and sales. Last week the Michigan Business Review reported on a local vacation rental company that was using SEO to increase rentals for its more than 2,500 locations.