Lauren Kaye

The internet is playing a more important role in holiday shopping whether brands are ready or not. ComScore released sales data for the first 39 days of the November to December gift-giving season. As of December 11th, consumers had spent $31.5 billion online. That figure is expected to rise because most Americans are not finished picking up all of the items on their lists, according to a report from the National Retail Federation. With just one more weekend to inspire purchase decisions, marketers should be moving full speed ahead with their web and social media content.

The average shopper has nearly half of his or her holiday shopping remaining, the NRF’s latest survey found. Though taken on December 9th, when consumers still had two weekends to pick up items, it’s likely many people still have to make a significant portion of their purchases. At the time of the poll, 14 percent said they had yet to buy a single item.

Chances are these procrastinating prospects are going online to research items before hitting stores, and brands can be there with the information they need to make the right choices. Aptly timed blog content and social media posts can catch consumers’ eyes when they’re ready to convert and drive last-minute conversions before the end of the year.