The most important factor of any corporate website is the content it offers readers, an expert has remarked.

Writing for online news source CMS Wire, industry reporter Rachelle Goh asserted that, while the technology behind a website is important, when it works it should be invisible.

Marketers should focus on producing "tons of good content", she argued.

"The content needs to be accurate, constant, new and should facilitate conversation," Ms Goh urged.

She made her comments after attending a talk given by Robert Rose, vice-president of marketing and strategy at CrownPeak, in which he urged marketers not to be affected by Web 2.0 "hype" and to only invest in new technologies if they make sense for the business.

Recently, Justin Cooke, the managing director of design firm Fortune Cookie, remarked that there has been a tendency during recent years to focus on a website’s design at the expense of its content.

However, he argued that filling pages with on-brand and searchable information is a vital part of creating an effective website.