One of the best ways to boost traffic to a website is through the use of original content and with the increase in blogging, many are taking advantage of that – something that isn’t expected to slow anytime soon.

According to statistics from eMarketer, 25.1 million internet users updated their blogs in 2008 – a number that’s expected to increase 14 percent this year, finally rising to 37.6 million in 2013.

But these sources of content are no longer just the rantings of someone with too much time on their hands. Today’s blogs are genuine sources of information, and a place where savvy marketers can connect with consumers.

"This blogging activity presents new opportunities for marketers to influence – and monitor -conversations that may be relevant to their businesses," says Paul Verna, eMarketer senior analyst. "These conversations will continue to happen with or without participation from marketers, but those who join in – whether through their own sites or through a brand presence on independent ones – will have a place at the table."

While the statistics from eMarketer show that not every blog is being read, the number of people reading blogs is still expected to increase with the company predicting that 58 percent of internet users (128.2 million people) will read a blog once per month by 2013.

A recent survey on the Online Marketing Blog found that 34 percent of marketers said blogging was one of their top marketing channels they plan on emphasizing in 2009.