With the unemployment figures hovering just under 10 percent many Americans are looking to new industries to get work, but when trying to break into the world of online media potential employees might want to learn a little about search engine optimization (SEO).

Writing for ClickZ, Harry Gold, founder and CEO of Overdrive, writes that even people looking for entry-level positions at online media and marketing organizations should have a basic understanding of a number of terms and technologies associated with the industry.

According to Gold, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of these terms that job candidates should be aware of and something he says should be taught in college.

Gold lists 21 basic and advanced terms and technologies – ranging from what a cookie is to what the future holds for internet-television collaboration – job seekers should be aware of when looking for work.

"This may seem like a lot to a recent college grad to research, but if you walk into an interview knowing even a portion of the list, your chances of landing the job will go way up," Gold writes. "If a person walked in conversant in the above list, I would not only hire her, I would start her at a higher salary. The ROI on the time spent doing this research would be huge."

From getting a job to companies looking to hire, search engine optimization (SEO) appears to be playing a larger role in the overall job hunt.

In a recent white paper, SEO company SharkStrike says that businesses can attract better candidates by using search engine optimization (SEO).