With more consumers starting their product research online, search engine optimization (SEO) has quickly become a crucial marketing tool.

The importance of SEO is only going to grow in the future, says SEO expert Tom Demers. According to Last Click News, Demers claimed that the effectiveness and cost efficiency of SEO will push it to become the most popular online marketing tool.

"Building relationships and building your brand is great for SEO … Every form of marketing helps supplement and amplify every other form of marketing when done properly," Demers said, reported Last Click News.

Demers also believes that social media can be utilized to bolster the effectiveness of search engine optimization (SEO).

The effectiveness of SEO as a marketing tool was demonstrated by a recent report from Internet Retailer. According to the survey, some respondents saw 50 percent of their sales come from search engine traffic. As a result, many expect to increase the percentage of the marketing budget that they devote to SEO.