Choosing suitable keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) can be challenging for marketers, an expert has stated.

Eric Enge, president of Boston-based SEO firm Stone Temple Consulting, made his comments through online resource Search Engine Watch.

He acknowledged that some words are easier to score high rankings with but urged marketers to consider what words and phrases searchers are most likely to look for.

Additionally, Mr Enge encouraged companies looking to boost their search engine rankings to examine the content on their site.

"Start matching this content with the keywords that you have researched. Doing this properly may be the most important part of putting together a plan for your site," he emphasized.

Last year, Mr Enge interviewed Google software engineer Matt Cutts, the man responsible for Google’s family filter SafeSearch.

He said organic SEO methods, such as filling pages with useful resources and content, are the best way of boosting a site’s Google ranking as they would be higher quality, having been chosen for editorial reasons.