Though many small businesses don’t even operate a website, Google and Milo are still helping them get noticed online, according to MediaPost.

Earlier this week, Google introduced Google Places, a new tool for local business owners. Using Google Places, a business owner can submit information about their company. That information will then be available via searches, and their location will also show up on Google Maps.

Businesses will also be shown results based on the specific area they serve, not just their physical location. For $25 per month, businesses will also be able to upload coupons that will be displayed next to their listing.

Milo is also reaching out to small businesses. Milo is a search engine that inventories products sold by local merchants. Next week, Milo will be releasing a mobile application that allows consumers to search for products using the GPS technology in their phones. The program will also include Google Maps.

Google announced earlier this week that it would be helping local businesses with search engine optimization (SEO) as well. The company made refinements to its search engine help promote local search terms.