Google has launched its AdSense program on its Maps resource, it has been noted.

Sector commentator Stephen Shankland makes his comments to online resource CNet, explaining certain searches – such as those for hotels, taxis and restaurants – show a text advert along the bottom of the Google Maps page.

He notes this provides an opportunity for the search engine company to employ a strong geographic influence in its advert targeting algorithm, adding the firm has already introduced a number of sponsored "pushpin" links which appear on search results.

Concluding, he states the search engine company makes the "vast majority" of its revenue from text adverts which appear next to search results, noting searches are a "great way" to find out exactly what consumers are interested in, which improves targeting.

Mr Shankland’s news follows the announcement by Google that it has launched AdSense for Games, a program which incorporates video adverts into online games, along with text and image ads.