Google has once again emerged as the search engine most used by US consumers, by a considerable margin.

Information released by marketing agency HitWise showed that Google was used for almost seven out of ten searches made in America during the four weeks ending May 31st.

This compares to almost nine in ten searches conducted within the UK.

Furthermore, the research showed that Google is rapidly developing as the main way in which users navigate to industry websites.

"Comparing May 2008 to May 2007, the travel, news and media, entertainment, business and finance, sports, online video and social networking categories showed double digit increases in their share of traffic coming directly from search engines," the HitWise report asserted.

Earlier this year, comScore published data which showed that Google has been the search engine of choice for the majority of users during March.

It asserted that Google websites accounted for just under six in ten searches during that month.

The firm reported that Americans conducted a total of 10.8 billion searches in that one month alone.