Google delivered its refined search options box to new mobile platform Android today, which should help search engine optimization (SEO) professionals raise website profiles.

The new options give Google users the option to filter their search results in unconventional ways. Searchers can exclude internet shopping sites, find websites that they have already visited, and limit their results to a specific type of website, such as forums. Experts say that the refinements were introduced as a response to the slight gains posted by rival search engine Bing.

With the addition of these options to Android, Google’s new mobile phone operating system, the company has greatly expanded the pool of searches that search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can influence. The search option features will also function on smartphones running iPhone OS and PalmWebOS, which will additionally heighten their impact and market penetration.

Android is expected to quickly snatch a significant share of the smartphone OS market, with multiple handset manufacturers lined up to produce Android phones. Refined mobile search coupled with Google’s dominant position atop the search engine market could prove a potent combination.