A group of news media outlets recently went to Google with a complaint that may help companies with their search engine optimization (SEO) in the long run.

According to Advertising Age magazine, a group of media giants including the New York Times, ESPN and Time Inc. met with Google recently to complain about how their content ranks in search engine results.

Their argument is that original content should appear higher in Google’s rankings and they point out that a recent search for the term Gaza on Google resulted in a Wikipedia entry and YouTube videos ahead of news content from sources like the Times.

"You should not have a system where those who are essentially parasites off the true producers of content benefit disproportionately," the news provider quotes one unnamed content executive as saying.

A Google representative told the magazine that original content is an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) but says it’s often difficult to define what "original content" is.

Many search engine optimization (SEO) experts tout the power of original content. At last month’s SMX West conference in California, SEO expert Bruce Clay told OBSNews.com that using original content like press releases and news boosts website optimization, saying that getting that content in Google News is "worth its weight in gold."