While many companies are using search engine optimization (SEO) to help increase their online presence in the hope of boosting sales, a new report finds that HR departments need to increase their SEO if they want to find the most qualified employees.

A recent white paper from SharkStrike finds that companies can help increase their talent pool by incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) methods that are typically used to help marketing efforts.

The company reports that as there continues to be changes to more traditional forms of seeking candidates, a growing number of businesses are using search engine optimization (SEO). SharkStrike notes that at Microsoft the HR and marketing departments are working together to acquire talent while also implementing branding strategies.

"The arguments for HR SEO are compelling: higher quality candidates, fewer non-qualified candidates and lower costs," finds the report. "Still, many of the world’s largest companies are struggling to fully utilize the potential of SEO."

Candidates looking for work may also want to consider learning about search engine optimization (SEO) as an increasing number of firms are using the tool to help boost their online visibility. According to freelance job site Elance, jobs related to writing for the SEO industry have continued to grow since the company began releasing its Online Work Index several months ago.