Retailers are getting big results from search engine marketing, indicates a recent report from Internet Retailer.

According to the survey, internet retailers are spending more of their marketing budgets on search engine marketing. About a third of the 102 respondents spent more than 50 percent of their marketing budgets on search marketing in 2009.

Many of those businesses saw a tremendous return on interest from their search engine marketing – 27 percent of the respondents attributed more than 50 percent of their sales to search marketing.

Businesses also seem to be investing more in graphic search engine optimization (SEO) as well. The survey indicated that 36.4 percent of retailers are incorporating images into their search engine marketing, and an additional 40.4 percent say they plan to in the future.

"For the year, for our more than 60 online retail clients, the overall average conversion rate was up 15 percent. And January this year was a very strong month. All of this positive movement has resulted in exceptional confidence among search advertisers today," Udayan Bose, CEO of marketing firm NetElixir, told Internet Retailer.

Earlier this year, a report from Conductor indicated that internet retailers needed to improve their search engine optimization (SEO). The report found that only 33 percent of the most popular internet retailer terms appeared in organic searches.