Search engine optimization (SEO) is responsible for a rise in traffic to the LA Times online, it claims.

The revelation was made in a memo from the executive editor, published through one of the newspaper’s blogs.

It explains the number of visitors and page views has climbed considerably during July, overtaking previous records.

The publication has seen 66 per cent growth compared to a year ago, the memo continues.

It states there are technological reasons for its increasing popularity.

"We’re using technology and the web at large to spread our journalism far and wide. keeps getting better at SEO … which means our stories are ranking higher in Google and other search engines," the editor adds.

Recently, search giant Google explained in its AdSense blog that adding "original and compelling content" regularly to a website can help its algorithm rank the pages highly.

Furthermore, it continued, this can also help attract inbound links, which also boost a website’s position in the search results.