An article from AdvertisingAge magazine shows just how important search engine optimization is, and how a missing "s" may be affecting a Burger King ad campaign.

Recently, Burger King started its "Whopper Virgins" campaign which has people from Romania, Thailand and Greenland, who have never eaten a hamburger, participating in a Whopper vs. Big Mac taste test.

Keeping in the tradition of other microsites the company has introduced like Subservient Chicken and Whopper Freakout, it also created a website showing clips of the taste tests.

But for people who can’t quite remember the URL, a Google search might not help them

A look at Google trends shows that while searches for "whopper virgins" spiked on December 7th, searches for "whopper virgin" – minus the "s" – have been just about equal.

The problem is that is a parked domain with ads for things like the Virgin Islands, Virgin Atlantic and Burger King.

In fact, a Google search of "whopper virgin" does not bring up the Burger King’s microsite within the first 10 pages of results.

AdvertisingAge says that if the company had only spent a portion of its multimillion dollar branding campaign on SEO, it may not be in this position.