Most people have seen a law firm with multiple names on it and shook their head wondering how anyone could remember such a business. With that and search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, some legal marketers are encouraging law offices to shorten their names.

In an article for the Legal Intelligencer, Gina F. Rubel writes that some law firms are shortening their names for online marketing and public relations reasons at the advice of marketers.

One reason for a shorter name is branding, something that Rubel says most law partners don’t consider. In a recent meeting with a mid-size law firm, Rubel says she asked the partners to name as many brands that popped in their head in 10 seconds. None of the brands had more than two words and she says no one named a law firm.

In terms of online marketing, a shorter name can help increase traffic and visibility according to Rubel. One benefit is that firms can get a URL that is easier to type in and can help a firm with their search engine optimization (SEO) and in using social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.

Although many agree with the "shorter is better" argument, a growing number of internet users are searching for long tail terms which may have some companies rethinking the keywords they use. A report earlier this year from Hitwise found that searches containing eight or more words had increased 20 percent over the previous 12 months.