When people think of search engine optimization (SEO) they generally think they need to have their own domain name and website in order for the technique to work. But the truth is, SEO can help people who have any sort of online presence, even if it’s just on Facebook.

Writing at AllFacebook.com, Nick O’Neill says that if people want their Facebook pages to be found they should begin using search engine optimization (SEO) within the site – starting with grabbing a vanity URL.

O’Neill says users should also use content with related keywords in their "about box" – the area just below their profile picture on a Facebook homepage.

"That mysterious box at the top left of your Facebook page is one of the few areas on your page which is accessible to search engines," he says. "It’s also relatively high up in the page HTML which means that search engines will give the text priority over text that’s further down the page. Take the opportunity to fill the about box with keyword rich content."

Having relevant content on a Facebook page may be more important as Facebook recent rolled out its new real-time search function which will allow users to search not only content on their friends’ pages, but on the pages of those who make their pages public.